2013 Pirelli Calendar – models set against the backdrop of Brazil

Can You Spot What’s Different In The 2013 Pirelli Calendar?
The use of models as a door to reality rather than superficiality.

Pireli kalendar 2013, Verbalisti
The Photographer for the 40th edition is renowned reportage photographer Steve McCurry – McCurry’s most famous is “Afghan Girl” National Geographic cover photo. He has a huge body of work but this is a new direction for him, shooting the Pirelli Calendar.

Conscientious models, street art, favelas and urban nature are the protagonists of the 2013 Pirelli Calendar, shot by war photographer Steve McCurry.

The Pirelli calendar is famous for a few things. It is populated by the world’s most gorgeous women, unencumbered by clothing, and its distribution is so limited that, statistically, you have probably never seen one in person. Under photographer Stephen McCurry, the 2013 calendar features all fully clothed models set against the backdrop of Brazil. Breaking even further from tradition, some of this year’s models were chosen as much for social good deeds as their looks. The Brazilian actress Sonia Braga makes an appearance, even though she is in her early 60s, and Adriana Lima has the distinction of being the first-ever visibly pregnant Pirelli Calendar model.

Gospodar Jevremova 9a, Belgrade, Serbia

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