Happy Flags Celebrate the World’s Happiest Country (VIDEO)

To celebrate Denmark being named the world’s happiest country, Coca-Cola created the ‘Happy Flag’ campaign, inspired by the Danish tradition of welcoming newcomers and returning citizens at the airport.

Coca-Cola - The Happy Flag, Verbalisti

Advertising agency McCann noticed several similarities between the identities of the country and the soda pop brand. Aside from the bold red and white coloring, the white crossing in Denmark’s flag is fit into the swoosh of the ‘O’ of the iconic logo. Coca-Cola set up large posters where people could take free flags to help create an even bigger celebration for new arrivals.

In just one day, 2,400 flags were taken from the poster, bringing an unmeasurable amount of happiness to the people of the airport.

Gospodar Jevremova 9a, Belgrade, Serbia

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