Scarcity of Land in China Leads to Building Villas on Buildings’ Rooftops

Four houses on roof of Chinese mall

In Zhuzhou, Hunan’s second-largest city, a developer has come up with an innovative way to let some people enjoy the yard and isolation of a freestanding house in the middle of a quickly growing city. These four villas sit on the roof of a five-story shopping mall, enjoying both airy views of the city and the mall’s green rooftop. The roof’s garden also reflects a growing trend in many of China’s cities. Last year, Beijing passed a law requiring buildings that have fewer than 12 floors, are shorter than 45 meters, and were built within the last 20 years to house live vegetation on their rooftops, and other cities are following Beijing’s lead.

Chinese doctor builds illegal rock villa atop Beijing apartment tower

Eccentric Beijing resident Zhang Biqing has just spent the last six years constructing this $2.4 million faux-mountaintop villa on top a 26-story hi-rise — just in time for the Chinese authorities to finally declare it illegal. The 10,000 square foot complex is now slated for demolition.

Gospodar Jevremova 9a, Belgrade, Serbia

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