Flower Viewing and the Stunning Blooms of Sakura in Japan

Every year in Japan, people flock to different cities to witness the blooming of the pink sakura, or cherry blossom trees.

Capture a moment, the Cherry Blossom in Japan


The Cherry Blossom comes into bloom for only a handful of days in Japan. Something that beautiful just can’t last for long and so the Japanese celebrate this time by throwing a Hanami party under the stunning blooms. Hanami (flower viewing) is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers – “flower” in this case almost always meaning cherry blossoms (“sakura”) or (less often) plum blossoms (“ume”). From the end of March to early May, sakura bloom all over Japan.

The sakura is closely associated with the culture of Japan; the national weather service even tracks the movement of the “sakura front” – the imaginary line of blooming trees that travels south-to-north every season.

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