Punting in Oxford as part of the Verbalists summer school activities

A scenic introduction to Oxford on the river Cherwell

Punting in Oxford

17-AUG-2014 | Every summer, Verbalists have a go at punting as part of a social program and activities at our long-term partner Kings Oxford.

For the uninitiated, punting is pushing a narrow punt along using a long pole.

Our last group of students who attended the program in July showed quite a lot of going in circles, ducking under low branches and hitting the bank – with high levels of amusement 🙂

The students punted up the Cherwell river, through the stunning Christ Church meadow and back again. No one fell in, although Tim was alongside in his pedalo just in case!

The punting activity was part of Verbalists’ popular program My OXFORD which has been enjoyed by our students for 8 years now with one of the best language schools in Great Britain – Kings Oxford. The social programs at Kings are well-organized and under the supervision of thoughtful guidance.

Stay tuned as we will introduce you to other activities, such as, a trip to Laser Kombat and a tour of beautiful Magdalen College – arguably one of Oxford’s finest university colleges.

A scenic introduction to Oxford on the river Cherwell

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