These are the sexiest accents on a first date

The sexiest accents
From East to West, North to South, and whether we understand them or not, accents can really make us weak in the knees. The latest worldwide survey analysed 11,000 single people around the world and found that British accents are the most attractive on a first date.

The recent research, conducted by Time Out, found that the sexiest accents were British and American, while Irish accents came out third. Other attractive accents included Italian, Scottish, French and Australian.

The survey also revealed that the top first date deal breaker is bad breath followed closely by a negative attitude, different politics and a sketchy resemblance to a profile picture.

The research found that throughout the world 53% of first dates end in a kiss, 21% end in awkward goodbyes and 20% end up in nudity.

Here are the top 10 sexiest accents according to WatchMojo:

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