Discover a different Paris

Discover a different city — one not found in guidebooks, but lived by locals. Sneak into alleys with local hideaways. Visit an underground bar with a secret entrance. And discover a place you can truly belong. It all begins when you stay in a different home.

Discover a different city - A Different Paris Ad

Airbnb has teamed up with TBWA\Singapore for its latest campaign “A different Paris” to target the Asian markets.

The campaign leads with a 60 seconds film, which features a Chinese heroine reminiscing about the time she spent exploring Paris thanks to the recommendations from her Airbnb host. Her memories of the “real Paris” are brought to life in a stunning visual execution using a zoetrope, one of the oldest pre-film animation devices.

A Different Paris

Behind the Scenes: A Different Paris

Take a behind the scenes look into the making of Airbnb’s latest film, “A Different Paris”. The production team took one of the oldest forms of storytelling and paired it with modern 3-D printing technology, creating a magical film that captures the craft and amusement a classic zoetrope can bring.

The handmade 3D zoetrope goes from drawing board to finished structure within a period of three weeks and was furnished with an estimated 11,256 parts that include 1,476 figurines to create the illusion of seamless motion.

Watch the behind-the-scenes here:

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