Flow Through the City of Tales, meet Istanbul (VIDEO)

Meet Istanbul

How can you describe a city? With words, or poems, or pictures? Istanbul is an ancient city, which has been a subject of all of the above, but never before has Istanbul had such a video.

Being not only one of the most popular cities of the world, but also the Turkish Airlines hub, it is now the subject of a “flow-motion” video. Turkish Airlines cooperated with Robert Whitworth, British Director famous for his city videos, to create a video that shows many faces of this vast and colorful city.

The video compiles the historical, cultural and social aspects of Istanbul. The harmony of these aspects of the city is introduced to the global audience in a warm and enchanting manner. The unique historical texture and unifying elements of Istanbul with the latest and most impressive shooting techniques created a video that would make everyone to take a trip to this city and have a magical experience.

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