Top-ranked and quality-focused communication and language education Verbalists YouTube Channel exceeds 1 million video views

Verbalists and language travel YouTube ChannelFew education YouTube channels can claim the level of devotion earned by the Verbalists Education & Language Network, home to language and sports education as well as study travel; with more than 700 subscribers and 1 million video views, the Verbalists YouTube channel is easily among the most popular for language travel in Europe.

On the occasion of reaching this impressive milestone, Dejan Trpkovic, managing director of the PRODIREKT Education Group, a US company that owns Verbalists Education said: “We are very honored to have experienced such a high number of views of our videos on YouTube. A global “thank you” is in order to mark, perhaps the best news for us thus far in the year. It is a very comforting thought knowing so many language and communication lovers from Europe and beyond visit our media daily.”

What makes the Verbalists YouTube channel so successful is the very element of entertainment that students often do not receive in the classroom. To that end, Dejan Trpkovic continues: “Entertainment is the top priority to gain and keep fans and members as well as to get them involved in education. This is especially true for young learners, who, if not engaged “on their own terms”, quickly wander away from your media. We are happy to have been able to enlist the support of famous musicians, actors, movie producers, writers, and overall artists. To name but a few of our charming guests we have had, who each add their own spice to our YouTube channel, we thank the legendary guitar player Stanley Jordan for expressing his views here of how to become successful, The Brand New Heavies’ Simon Bartholomew, and his insightful interview commenting on how the world of music and music production has changed since the start of his career, as well as one of our favorite guests, the leading British jazz band Jive Aces with whom you can here “Swing (to English) to cure depression.”

Since reaching the milestone on February 25, the number of video views on Verbalists’ YouTube channel has been rapidly increasing and has already exceeded the 1.2 million mark, so watch this space…


In 2009, Verbalists Education’s regional head office in Belgrade partnered with the organizers of the largest jazz festival in Southeast Europe — Nisville. This cooperation, which has recently been extended to music education, created a unique opportunity for the language network’s fans and students to see the famous musicians and celebrities in action, such as, the saxophone player Hans and Candy Dulfer, swing band “Jive Aces”, jazz vocalist Maya Nova, trumpet player Tom Harell, and the guitar wizard Stanley Jordan.

Verbalists with Jive Aces – Swing (to English) to Cure Depression

Simon Bartholomew, The Brand New Heavies:

“Keep communicating and let the Verbalists be your guide”

About Verbalists Education & Language Network
Verbalists brand begins with an idea to connect people to the power of languages and joy of journeys that inspire, surprise and entertain. Students, teachers and parents worldwide choose Verbalists Education as their trusted guide for the finest in educational services and language travel. Furthermore, Verbalists is the answer to the growing demand for the standardization in foreign language studies. Verbalists is a brand of PRODIREKT, which is a certified representative and partner of prestigious schools and colleges in world renowned university centers. PRODIREKT’s international accreditations can be reviewed here.

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