Lola and Uros about their studying in the US

Studying in the US – Graduate Preparation Program

15-SEP-2016 | Our students Lola Hasanovic and Uros Ranisavljevic attended last summer Graduate Preparation Program at Kings Education New Jersey. They both come from Belgrade, Serbia, and both completed their undergraduate degree at the University of Belgrade, majoring in International Relations and International Politics.

Studying in the US, student testimonials - Lola and Uros

PRODIREKT, a US based academic consultancy which owns the Verbalists Education & Language Network, is currently helping Lola and Uros with their selection and application to graduate schools in the United States to do a Master’s in the field of Public Relations, International Affairs, International Relations, or Business.

Our partners at Kings Education had the chance to talk to our students about their experience while studying in the USA:

Kings: Hi guys. Can you please tell us about city or region you are from?
We’re from Belgrade, which has also become known for parties and the nightlife.

Kings: Tell us two things that people don’t usually know about your city/region.
Belgrade existed since the Roman times. Nikola Tesla was from Serbia.

Kings: What things do you most like about your city or region?
Lola: It’s always so active. You always see people, and the energy never sleeps.

Uros: It’s a great place where you can walk and see people at whatever time of day and night. There is something going on all the time.

Kings: How does Lawrenceville, New Jersey compare to your home city or region?
It’s like comparing New York City with Lawrenceville. When we first came, we thought, ‘that’s it?’ But we got used to the campus which we thought was big at first, and realized that compared to other American universities it’s a small campus but big enough with all its facilities.

Kings: Why did you decide to come to the US to study?
Lola: Ever since I came to America I wanted to study here.

Uros: I came with Lola to study English. It was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. It was a new opportunity to continue learning, practicing, and improving my English.

Kings: Which other cities/countries have you visited during your time here?
We visited Princeton, New York City, Philadelphia, Newtown, Lambertville, Trenton, Stockton, and the Crayola Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Kings: How has your experience at Kings been so far?
Lola: It was good. Iwona was a great teacher. There was a lot of interaction from her in class. For me, writing is interesting, and I enjoyed it.

Uros: The afternoon text, “Considering Cultural Differences” was really good with Kim. I really valued the experience speaking English.

Lola: I learned so much about different cultures. The discussions we had with classmates had different opinions and I learned how different we all were. Everyone had a chance to speak and learn. It was intense, but I really learned a lot. The program (GPP) was really intense. I’m really proud of myself. It was the first time to be alone for a long period of time from my family.

Kings: Have you done many activities here?
Uros: The trip to New York City and the movie night with Kings as well as going to watch the premiere of the movie Suicide Squad with Rider University.

Kings: Where are you staying while studying at Rider University and was your daily schedule during your studies?
Lola: We live on campus at Centennial House. My weekday schedule was going to class, and going to the gazebo on campus and reading. I also discovered delicious hamburgers at Cranberry’s Cafe! For me, it was different because I’m not used to being away from my parents. I live in the center of the city with my parents, and now I’m living in a dormitory with other students, but I got used to it.

Uros: For me, I trained in the SRC (Student Recreation Center) and played basketball. The facilities and equipment are all new on campus. I’m used to living on my own, so living on campus and sharing the bathroom was a change, but nothing I couldn’t handle!

Studying in the US – Lola and Uros


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