Five cool bars in Barcelona for a fun and different language travel experience

Verbalists language students asked us to recommend some good places to go out in Barcelona since most of them usually visit the same old Spanish Bodega bar or Irish pub? We have prepared, with our partner Don-Spanish school, a list of 5 cool bars in Barcelona for a different experience. Have fun! 🙂

Paradiso bar
Paradiso bar

1. Paradiso – a classic speakeasy hidden behind the supposed refrigerator doors of a little pastrami bar. Entry into Paradiso gives you the feeling of being part of an elite and luxurious private club in the twenties – with prices to match! Don’t expect anything cheap in this impeccably decorated bar, however rest assured that the cocktails are some of the most creative, indulgent and delicious that you can find in Barcelona. Address: C/ Riera Palau, 4


2. Limehouse – An up and coming bar in Barcelona, opened as recently as 2014, Limehouse is already crazy popular, especially amongst students, equally famous for both, its gins as well as its mojitos. Limehouse boasts of over 70 flavors of homemade gins, ranging from the usual strawberry and mango strains to the crazier seaweed and roquefort cheese varieties! But don’t knock it till you try it – the balsamic vinegar gin tonic is one of the best we’ve had! Reasonably priced at 7 euros for a gin-tonic and 4 euros for a deceptively strong Mojito, Limehouse also has two sister bars called the Mint and Bar Rubi with similar decor and pricing. However Limehouse remains the most popular, no doubt thanks having the most varied gin menu! Address: C/ Carders, 31

3. The Antic Teatre – a popular bar amongst locals, especially because of its 2 euro beers and 3 euro wines! Right next to the Palau de la Musica Catalana (Urquinaona Metro Station), in a narrow street which doesn’t let you believe that this fairy-tale of a place could possibly exist! An alice in wonderlandesque door leads you into a hidden terrace where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the garden below. Be prepared for a colourful and diverse crowd of artists and hipsters! Address: C/ Verdaguer i Callís, 12

The Forest of the Fairies bar (Bosque de las Hadas)
The Forest of the Fairies bar (Bosque de las Hadas)

4. Bosque de las Hadas – As suggested by the name, translated into The Forest of the Fairies, this bar is a completely magical and fantastical place, set in the heart of the old city – a woodland of snaking branches, trickling waterfalls, fairy lights, weird demons lurking in mirrors, various optical illusions and, of course, fairies. It comes complete with a side setting of a haunted house filled with creepy dolls and magic mirrors. The lead-up to the bar is complete with its own beautiful pathway littered with extraordinary creatures. Drinks are not the cheapest you’ll find in Barcelona, but the atmosphere is well worth the price!  Address: Passatge de la Banca, 7

5. Beirut 37 – A homely and comfy bar with differently decorated rooms, dim and romantic lighting, and quirky decor, Beirut 37 is a lovely change from all the usual bars of Barcelona. The staff is multilingual, and you can always be entertained with various live performances. While the gin tonics are the USP of this bar, as the name suggests, the hummus is amongst the best in Barcelona! Address: C/ Joaquín Costa, 37

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