Visit Malta and discover an island of contrasts and surprises while learning English


This fantastic destination film takes us on one unique journey in Malta – from lounging on St.Peter’s pool beach to discovering the colorful village of Marsaxlokk, mingling with the fishermen and relaxing on the traditional Luzzu boats marked by “Eye of Osiris”, there is a whole island of stunning views to wake up to. Add to that the famed old capital of Mdina, the imposing Saint John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta, and magnificent cliffs in Gozo and it’s easy to understand why most of the people start planning their return trip to Malta before they’ve even left the island the first time.

Malta was a British colony for over 160 years. This historical legacy explains why English is one of the two official languages spoken in Malta. This, together with an excellent climate and the option to turn learning into a holiday, make Malta an ideal place for studying English.

Contact the Verbalists Language Network here and let’s organize together two holidays in one for you – language learning and a Mediterranean experience. Verbalists’ international accreditations are recognition of our commitment to represent only the very best language schools in the world, while offering quality and high standards across all our services. The language network’s educational and travel expertise is also a guarantee that your English language study travel experience will be a memorable and worthwhile experience.

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