PRODIREKT to promote Masters and MBA student recruitment fairs

A US based education group and academic consultancy PRODIREKT, which also owns the Verbalists Language Network, has partnered with the leading education event organizer Advent Group to promote their Access MBA and Access Masters tours. Access MBA and Access Masters tours represent a series of events that take place in over 55 cities around the world. The tours bring together elite international business schools and high-caliber candidates.

Dejan Trpkovic, Managing Director of PRODIREKT, explained cooperation synergies of the two companies: “Our partnership with Advent Group will bring a great value to prospective postgraduate students. It combines our expertise in academic advising as well as strong social media presence through the Verbalists Language Network on one side, and the event organizing proficiency and experience of Advent Group on the other side. High reputation of both companies will help bring top schools and candidates to the same table.”

He then continued: “Education events, especially local ones, have mushroomed in the past years. They have become too commercialized and unfocused, resulting in low value to both – educators and candidates. Unlike a regular education fair, the Access MBA and Access Masters events assemble international business schools and prospective students in an extremely personalized manner: candidates are prepared by academic consultants, their profiles are evaluated and hand-selected to match to the best business schools for 20-minute individual meetings with admissions officers and directors who actually do students selection and enrollments. That complements our academic advising strategy and is what attracted us most to support and promote Advent Group’s events.”

The next Advent Group education events will be held in Belgrade – Access Master on 28 November at the Hotel Moskva, and Access MBA on 29 November at the Crowne Plaza hotel. Participation in Masters, MBA and executive MBA meetings is by invitation only. PRODIREKT and Verbalists’ candidates are offered a priority preregistration and free portfolio evaluation through the Prodirekt’s regional head office in Belgrade (click here for more details and to preregister for the events).

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