New Canadian visa policies to ease international students’ transition to study in Canada

Canadian Education26-JUL-2020

PRODIREKT Academic Advising & Education Group, which owns the Verbalists Language Network, last week shared some important news about the new visa policies and services that are designed to ease international students’ transition to study in Canada in the coming months.

These new measures include:

  • Providing priority study permit processing for applicants who have submitted a complete application online
  • Allowing students to count time spent in online studies abroad toward their eligibility for a post-graduation work permit, so long as (i) they have submitted a study permit application and (ii) at least 50% of their program of study is completed in Canada
  • Implementing a new two-stage approval process for students who cannot submit all of the documentation needed for a complete study permit application (for example, any biometric requirements)

Each of these is significant, but the last item is especially noteworthy as it effectively introduces a conditional approval process for new applicants to help reassure students that they are on track to pursue studies in Canada once visa processing services are fully restored, travel restrictions ease, and international flight services are re-established.

Read the full announcement about this important development here.

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