What level of influence role models have today in young people’s choice of their education path

The importance of role models in choosing our career, PRODIREKT

The power of role models and their influence on us cannot be underestimated. This is particularly true for young people. Whether they are a parent, an athlete, a musician, an actor, or someone else, young people are going to latch onto someone and their accompanying philosophy. They will be influenced by that person’s words, because at their young age they lack the experience and wisdom to know otherwise. When it comes to celebrity role models, media and educators can enhance celebrities’ positive or negative influence on teens, so do we then have the responsibility to channel and explain the messages conveyed by the famous? 

Verbalists Education & Language Network has used its privilege of being able to cover major events and festivals in Europe to use celebrities to positively influence our young students’ lives. The celebrity interviews Verbalists have been doing about the importance of learning languages, travelling, education, and similar have helped entertain and engage young learners “on their own terms.” In turn, it also helped increase the popularity and trust of both young and adult learners in our media, as well as education and academic advising services.

What level of influence role models have today in young people’s choice of their education path, or even their profession? Has social media reduced or enhanced the importance of celebrities as role models? What was your role model as you were growing up? What parts of them were you influenced by?

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Dejan Trpkovic
Managing Director, PRODIREKT
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