English summer school promotion – Keeping the magic alive with My LONDON Program

English Summer School Promotion - My LONDON program

Join our most popular English learning program in the UK – My LONDON, and we will take you on a memorable trip to experience the magic of Christ Church, one of the largest colleges of Oxford University, both in terms of land and students.

English Summer School Promotion – Every day is a new opportunity to give our best and at Verbalists Education we have decided to keep the magic alive. 💥  Enroll in our My LONDON Program by March 31 and earn £100 off your next English language travel experience!  Of course, a RISK-FREE course booking policy continues to be valid in 2023. Click here or on the bellow link to learn more about the program:

When you enter Christ Church college, you feel the special magic in the air. Many films and TV programs have been filmed at Christ Church, Oxford University, from Harry Potter to Inspector Morse. How many locations do you recognize? How about The Great Hall? It is one of the largest halls in Oxford and it was this room’s architectural splendor that inspired the look of Hogwart’s Hall in the Harry Potter films. As you walk around the tables where Christ Church’s students still dine to this day, you can see portraits of some of that university’s most famous alumni and – in winter – feel the warmth from the fireplaces.

This is what you will be able to see during our visit of Christ Church:

You should not be afraid of applying to Christ Church because you think you won’t ‘fit in’: what matters is your intelligence and willingness to work hard at your chosen subject. So, contact us at 📩 info@verbalistseducation.com and one of our academic advisors will open the doors of this real wizarding university…or perhaps some other university in the world.

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