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Given the current reality, the need for new approaches for teaching – especially in online/blended learning environments – is critical. More than ever before, schools around the world are shifting their focus and prioritizing the practice of social and emotional learning. The call for compassion has never been greater.

The Verbalists Education & Language Network has partnered with the world’s leading teacher training experts to deliver a series of free webinars and workshops which will help you build easily and effortlessly emotional learning into virtual, blended, or in-person environments.

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Last week’s webinar with iteach and Raff Cutolo was a great success! Many of our teacher members and followers, who could not attend that webinar, asked us to repeat it. We are pleased to announce that we have agreed with iteach to deliver “Crossing the Subject Border” workshop free of charge once more and in the two web meeting times:

Verbalists FREE webinar series
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Crossing the Subject Border – How to create emotionally charged events in your lessons

📆 Wednesday, February 24, 2021

There are two web meeting times available: 

  • at 17:00 GMT (Time in London, UK)

  • at 23:55 GMT (Time in London, UK)

Why is it that some things we teach stick in our students’ minds and others don’t? It is not all about the students but also about our capability as teachers to create emotionally charged events in our lessons. 

In this session we will look at how to exploit the possibilities offered by the EFL lesson to cross the linguistic borders in order to provide a 360-degree learning experience that caters for a variety of learning styles by targeting different task values.

iteach sessions are delivered by Raff Cutolo, an expert teacher trainer and Creative Learning Experience Designer.

Raff has 15 years’ teaching experience in primary, secondary and tertiary education. He holds a PhD in English Studies and has published extensively in the fields of English Language, Literature and Culture.


If you’re interested in joining us, please register by filling out the form below. After registering, you will receive a link, which will allow you to participate in the webinar.


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About iteach

iteach is a global community of teachers and educators working together to expand the possibilities of learning. iteach offers teachers a low-cost platform where they can access high quality interactive development sessions and asynchronous resources.

There are two subscription options available: 1) yearly, which costs £160, or 2) monthly – £15.00.

Teachers with a monthly subscription gain immediate access to:

  • One live session per month on a theme (i.e., Crossing the Subject Border, Teaching as Performing: voice engagement, Assessing students: What’s on the test?)
  • One live Q&A session per month where teachers are able to submit questions in advance to be answered.
  • Access to the “Way of Inspired Teaching” videos which is a 6-part program that takes teachers on a journey of discovery to become the best teacher they can possibly be.
  • Access to a private Facebook group with an engaged teacher community sharing ideas, wins, stories and support.
  • Lots more bonuses and resources along the way!

About PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education & Language Network

PRODIREKT recruits world-class international educators and provides cutting-edge academic advising and professional learning opportunities. The company specializes in servicing the world’s emerging economies within the education sector. Verbalists, which is a brand of PRODIREKT, begins with an idea to connect people to the power of languages and joy of journeys that inspire, surprise and entertain. Students, teachers and parents worldwide choose Verbalists Education & Language Network as their trusted guide for the finest in educational services and language travel. Furthermore, Verbalists is the answer to the growing demand for standardization in foreign language studies.

About UKLC

Our long-standing partner UKLC is a reputable provider of UK-based residential language courses for young learners aged 8 to 18. They are ranked 4th as a year-round English learning programs provider for juniors with the EL Gazette and are one of their Centres of Excellence. They have always been known for the excellent relationships they create with teachers who accompany students to their centers. For many years, UKLC has been sharing their methodology and organizing teacher training sessions, while working with organizations, such as the British Council and the EU’s Erasmus+, to deliver specific teacher training projects in person in the UK and online.

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