Verbalists Education partner with Neurolanguage Coaching and NeuroHeart Education

PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education in support of NeuroHeart Education Foundation

PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education & Language Network are excited to announce yet another partnership with one of the world’s leading educators, this time with NeuroHeart Education® and Neurolanguage Coaching®.

After our last year’s success with the iTeach project, when together with UKLC, a reputable provider of UK-based language courses, we helped iTeach become a leading online learning platform for EFL teachers, this year we partnered with NeuroHeart Education and Neurolanguage Coaching, headed by Rachel Paling, an International Game Changer in Education, in particular, the education of languages. Rachel has created the method and approaches Neurolanguage Coaching® which incorporates professional coaching and principles of neuroscience into the learning process.

Rachel Paling

Since the beginning of 2021, we have combined forces with NeuroHeart Education and Neurolanguage Coaching to promote structural changes in Education, Languages and Communication. We are harnessing our expertise to bring innovative training and development for teachers worldwide. To this end, we will be delivering a series of webinars and workshops, which will help to introduce coaching in education, as well as the practical application of neuroscientific findings and principles in the learning process.

The webinars are exclusive and free to the Verbalists Education & Language Network and iTeach member teachers and education professionals.

The first webinar in the series will be delivered on Sunday, May 9, with the topic: How can Coaching in Education help? During this web event Rachel Paling will talk about what coaching is, distinguishing the sports coach from the business life coach, and then how these professional skills can leverage the learning process. We will explore the competences of a coach, such as active listening and powerful questions, and really explain how these can transform and develop coaching conversations. Please see here for more details and how to join the webinar.

PRODIREKT’s support for the NeuroHeart Education Foundation

“We have a unique opportunity to reach underprivileged children and disadvantaged schools through a direct contact or through more than 5,000 of Verbalists Education’s teacher members.”

Our partnership with NeuroHeart Education and Neurolanguage Coaching goes beyond the webinars and workshops, designed to make the learning process more effective and efficient. PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education will support the NeuroHeart Education Foundation® founded by Rachel Paling and launched in February 2021.

The foundation has a heavy focus on children who cannot afford homeschooling or schooling. It is also dedicated to training teachers who cannot afford teacher training, as well as training teachers in topics such as neuroscience, heart science and Neurolanguage Coaching.

“We are very happy to support the NeuroHeart Educaton Foundation,” says Dejan Trpkovic, Managing Director at PRODIREKT and Founder of Verbalists Education. “Considering our strong focus on the emerging markets and the global scope of our language network, we have a unique opportunity to reach underprivileged children and disadvantaged schools through a direct contact or through more than 5,000 of our teacher members. It is great to be part of this journey from its very beginning.”

PRODIREKT’s support for the 5th Annual NeuroHeart Education Conference

In further support of the NeuroHeart Education Foundation, PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education will sponsor the upcoming 5th Annual NeuroHeart Education Conference, which will take place online from May 14th until May 16th, 2021.

The conference has evolved from its inception in 2017 as a conference for Language Coaches and Teachers, into a conference for Educators worldwide, no matter what your discipline. The conference is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. All the proceeds from the 2021 conference will be donated to the NeuroHeart Education Foundation.

We are pleased that we have been able to secure a 10% discount for all our members and partners who register here.

Join us and hundreds of other educators online, as we explore how to enhance the learning process through neuroscience, coaching, speech therapy, motivation mechanisms, story-telling, heart leadership, Neurolanguage Coaching® and so much more!

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