ACS Cobham High School – Nia’s boarding experience

ACS Cobham high school student Nia from Bulgaria, PRODIREKT Academic Advising

24-MAY-2021 | Nia’s testimonial serves as a testament to the exceptional educational experience offered by ACS Cobham High School. From the caring house parents to the vibrant and diverse community, every aspect of the school contributes to students’ growth and well-being.

ACS Cobham high school - Student Testimonial, Nia from Bulgaria, PRODIREKT

With unwavering support from caring house parents and a warm, open-minded community, our student Nia from Bulgaria has found a second home at the prestigious international high school. Let’s delve into her testimonial and discover how ACS Cobham has left an indelible mark on her life.

Nia’s video testimonial: ACS Cobham – A home away from home! 🏡❤️

PRODIREKT Academic Advising and Career Development

We at PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education are delighted to continue supporting ACS Cobham High School by placing our students. Should you wish to enroll your child in one of its programs, contact us and our experienced academic advisors will help you with everything.

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