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As featured in Schools & Agents, a leading online publication and network in the field of International Education: "A real balancing act of one excellent social media in education"

Very few sites belonging to social media in education can claim the level of devotion earned by PRODIREKT and the Verbalists Education Network, home to language education and study abroad.

Verbalists Facebok
Social media balancing act – Verbalists Education’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have more than 100,000 followers

With almost 2 million views and counting, the Verbalists YouTube Channel is easily among the world’s most popular for study abroad, while the Facebook Business Page boasts about 100,000 members. The LinkedIn pages of both PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education have thousands of followers, and the Communication and Languages Group has become the place where education industry professionals post and exchange views.

So, what makes the Verbalists social media so successful, we asked Dejan Trpkovic, Managing Director of PRODIREKT and the founder of the Verbalists Education & Language Network:

“The most critical factor for social networking is maintaining a good balance that connects with readers. We use different types of content, while varying the tone of posts so they range from informational to casual. Entertainment is the top priority to gain and keep fans and members, as well as to get them involved in education. This is especially true for young learners, who, if not engaged “on their own terms”, quickly wander away from your media.”

Dejan continues: “Having said that, our content is also professional, informative and authoritative. The information age is shortening our attention span with each day. So, some schools and education brands are now falling into the trap by trying hard to catch the reader’s immediate attention and not to look “dry” and “boring.” Lately, I have come across many “trendy” education websites which do not present enough or even essential information. But, what could sound dry and boring to content marketers or young learners may actually be very important to the parents – especially if it directly addresses their needs and questions. It is possible to be helpful and somewhat playful at the same time, and I believe that we have managed to strike that delicate balance on our websites and social media.”

A touch of humanity is increasingly essential in the age of authenticity we live in today. Verbalists continue to do a great job by offering that touch and entertaining content in their media while not forgetting the audience they serve – students, parents, teachers, and educators.

Source: Schools & Agents

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