Global growth of English-taught programs outside the main English-speaking destinations

Rapid expansion of English-taught programs outside the main English-speaking destinations Education Beyond Borders Podcast

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English-taught programs outside the main English-speaking destinations

10-DEC-2021 | British Council and Studyportals just released a report showcasing the global growth of English-taught programs. Almost one in five English-taught programs are now offered outside the UK, United States, Australia, and Canada, the Big Four English-speaking destinations.

This global research shows just how quickly universities around the world are adapting to teaching in English and therefore offering students more diverse study options than ever before.

In addition, many experts have pointed to a rising trend of students being interested in studying abroad – but closer to home, within their own region.

By country, Ireland has the highest number of English-taught programs outside the ‘big four’ at 2,776, followed by China (2,481), South Africa (1,963), the Netherlands (1,937), Germany (1,826) and France (1,035). Most of the programs in alternate destinations are at the master’s level, but the number of undergraduate English-language degrees is growing at a faster rate.

The study identified over 28,870 degree programs taught in English outside Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, which represents growth of over 77% compared with 2017. Further growth is likely to come from Asia, where several destinations are pursuing strategies to recruit more international students, notably China, Japan, Korea and India.

The authors said that English as a medium of instruction in higher education was here to stay, driven by globalization, business and scientific research trends, and that this will have a profound impact on the future shape of international education. It was also indicated that institutions listed in the World University Rankings were four times more likely to offer programs taught in English than a non-ranked higher education institution.

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