Hungarian state-funded Foreign Language Learning Program postponed again

UK will lose up to 90 million pounds in 2022 due to the postponement of the Hungarian state-funded Foreign Language Learning Program Verbalists Education Beyond Borders Podcast

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17-JAN-2022 | The Hungarian government has announced that the Foreign Language Learning Program has been postponed until 2023, with no Hungarian students due to study in the UK or any other destinations as part of the initiative this year.

Because of the pandemic, a program offering state-funded summer foreign language courses abroad for Hungarian secondary school students was postponed in 2022 as well.

Although more than one hundred and forty thousand young people were affected by this decision, the Hungarian government officials noted that in the current precarious situation it would be irresponsible to start the program.

English UK, the national association of accredited English language centers in the United Kingdom, said the program was originally planned to run for five years from 2020. That association estimated the Program to be worth up to 90 million pounds in export revenue in 2022, with a potential 90,000 Hungarian students having been expected to study for two weeks in the UK this summer.

Had this system run as hoped, Hungary would have been among the leading supply markets for the UK English language teaching sector.

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