The world’s best education agents gathered at the Study in Niagara event

19–MAY–2022 | As one of the key partners of Niagara College, PRODIREKT was again invited to attend that college’s Study in Niagara Familiarization (FAM) Tour.

From 10 May  to 15 May, together with only 50 education agents from over 27 countries, we had the opportunity to learn first-hand why students from more than 100 countries choose Niagara College to pursue their dreams.

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In addition to the college’s services, campuses and facilities, the FAM Tour allowed us to experience, on a very personal and direct level, what makes Niagara College, its community, and the Niagara region unique and attractive.

Niagara College is widely recognized for its highest ranking in student satisfaction and as the top applied research college in Canada. It features two modern campuses in the beautiful Niagara Region, where every year about 4,000 international students enroll in one of over 130 programs.

Study in Niagara Event - Dejan Trpkovic, Managing Director of PRODIREKT, with Sean Coote, Vice President Niagara College and Matthew Marois
Study in Niagara Event – Dejan Trpkovic, Managing Director of PRODIREKT (in the middle), with Sean Coote, Vice President Niagara College (left) and Matthew Marois, Regional Manager Niagara College

After learning about Niagara College’s educational offerings, we explored the Niagara Region and some of its world-famous attractions such as Niagara Falls which receives over 14 million visitors every year.

During the second part of the FAM Tour we visited the Toronto School of Management and attended the exclusive event to celebrate the recent partnership between Niagara College and Global University Systems (GUS), which owns the Toronto School of Management. This collaboration provides our students with the ability to enroll into Niagara College’s high quality programs while accessing all of the employment, entertainment and recreational opportunities offered in Toronto. The four Niagara College programs to be delivered exclusively in downtown Toronto at the Toronto School of Management include Business General, and graduate certificate programs in International Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management and Human Resources Management.

This year’s Study in Niagara event allowed us to continue to develop the first-hand experience and knowledge to support, inform and engage our students while they weigh their study abroad options. We at PRODIREKT and the Verbalists Education & Language Network feel grateful for the opportunity to attend this amazing educational event and for our continued partnership with Niagara College, the leading education institution in Canada.

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