Summer bookings surge with easing of Malta entry rules

Summer bookings surge with easing of Malta entry rules Education Beyond Borders

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02-JUN-2022 | Malta has seen a significant increase in holiday bookings and visitor numbers for this year, thanks to the easing of travel restrictions to the Mediterranean island nation.

Since May 9, travel to Malta depends only on the immunity status of a person, meaning that the Dark Red List no longer exists for travel to Malta. All travelers over the age of 6 are just required to present a vaccination, recovery, or test certificate to be permitted entry to Malta without having to follow any additional rules. The requirement to present one of the mentioned certificates applies to all travelers over the age of six.

Malta applies the same validity period on COVID passes as the other European Union countries. A vaccination certificate is only recognized if it proves that the holder has completed primary vaccination in the last 270 days or if the holder has received a booster shot.

Malta harbour
Summer bookings surge with easing of Malta entry rules

On the other hand, the recovery passes are only accepted if they indicate that the holder has recovered from the COVID-19 in the last 180 days.

As for the COVID test, the Maltese authorities explain that the country accepts both rapid antigen and PCR tests. The rapid antigen test must be taken within 24 hours prior to arrival in Malta, whereas the PCR test must be taken within 72 hours before arrival in Malta.

Almost all of Malta’s restrictions have been removed and life has returned to normal on the island. Masks are not required in shops, restaurants and bars. All social and cultural events are held under total normality.

The restrictions for students studying face-to-face in the language schools have been eased as well. This means that students are no longer required to wear masks within the school environment.

The decision of Malta to relax its COVID-19 restrictions follows the low infection rates. That scenic island has the world’s highest vaccination rate; 93.8 per cent of the entire adult population in Malta has completed primary vaccination as of May 5.

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