Watch the amazing clip of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Concert opened spectacularly by Queen & Adam Lambert

Queen and Adam Lambert opened the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee party with classic hit “We Will Rock You.”

Today marks the Queen of England’s Platinum Jubilee, and Buckingham Palace has thrown a giant “Platinum Party” celebrating 70 years since Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne.

Adam Lambert and Queen kicked off the Platinum Party at the Palace event on June 4 with an energetic show! The band, with Lambert stepping in for the late lead singer Freddie Mercury, started the show with a rousing rendition of “We Will Rock You.” 

The 96-year-old Queen herself was technically not in attendance due to “mobility problems,” but in a pre-recorded clip, she tapped along to the beat of “We Will Rock You” via teacup. Watch Queen’s performance below.

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