Popular English language summer school in the UK – Verbalists in Action

Popular English language summer school in the UK, Berkshire College Summer School

27-JUL-2022 | We stopped by recently to see what Verbalists students are getting up to at Ardmore, our main partner’s summer school in Berkshire College, UK.

Located in the beautiful English countryside, and just 40 minutes outside of London, the Berkshire College location is perfectly situated, with close proximity to London and all airports.

The summer school at Berkshire College has modern classrooms, spacious common rooms and a canteen just a few steps away from the accommodation court. The residential accommodation comprises of four newly refurbished boarding houses.

From looking around London to observing the sights in Oxford, Verbalists have been exposed to so many new challenges during their stay at the summer camp at Berkshire College. They are encouraged to put their language skills to test in practical settings while building lasting friendships and exploring local culture.

The Verbalists Education & Language Network represent the best in language education. We have a long-standing partnership with Ardmore, a company with over 35 years of experience, who have young learner education at their core. We are proud that our cooperation with that education group has recently been extended to their school’s exclusive representation in Southeast Europe.

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