ICEF Higher Education – The world’s leading educators and agents gathered in Barcelona

From September 10–12, 2022 | PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education participated in the three-day ICEF Higher Education 2022 event held in Barcelona, Spain. ICEF Higher Education is a long-standing, popular networking event specifically designed to bring together educators and high-quality, pre-screened student recruitment agents, focused on recruiting students to the international higher education sector.

PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education representatives at the ICEF Higher Education event in Barcelona
“ICEF Higher Education event in Barcelona was the great opportunity for us to improve our focus on the higher education student recruitment in Europe” – Dejan Trpkovic (the first from the left on the photo)

Dejan Trpkovic, managing director of PRODIREKT and the founder of the global language network Verbalists Education described the event as a great success for his businesses: “During the Barcelona workshop we had a unique opportunity to strengthen and create new international partnerships with the world’s leading colleges and universities. This higher education event and consequent familiarization trips we attended are important for our continued up-to-date, high quality culturally-aware counselling to our students and their families.”

PRODIREKT at the International Business School ESEI Party, Barcelona
PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education visiting ESEI-International Business School

After the event, PRODIREKT representatives visited ESEI-International Business School in Barcelona and had an unforgettable evening while enjoying sharing the cooking of a traditional paella with live music.

PRODIREKT was also privileged to be invited by UCAM-Universidad Catolica de Murcia, one of the best private universities in Europe, to visit their campuses in Murcia and Cartagena. During the two-day familiarization trip, PRODIREKT toured the two amazing campuses, met academic staff and got acquainted with the historic city center of Murcia as well as Cartagena.

PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education visiting the two campuses of UCAM – in Cartagena and Murcia

The ICEF Higher Education Barcelona event proved that agents continue to play a crucial role in the growth of the higher education sector, with 3150 meetings held both in-person as well as virtually.

ICEF Higher Education Barcelona

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