Canada is the first study abroad choice post-pandemic

Canada is the first study abroad choice post-pandemic Education Beyond Borders Podcast

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12-NOV-2022 | Where are international students heading to study abroad post-pandemic?

According to research from IDP Education, the number-one destination of choice is Canada, with 27% of students making it their first study abroad pick as of August 2022.

The second most favorite study abroad destination is Australia, with 25% of polled international students choosing it, followed by the United Kingdom and then the Unites States. Other first choice destinations included New Zealand and Ireland.

The participants in the survey came from 94 countries, with the top 10 source markets being, in descending order, India, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria and Vietnam.

In a related study abroad news, Canada recently increased permanent residency places in its Immigration Levels Plan for 2023-2025, and reiterated the importance of international students and universities in reaching the increased permanent residency targets. That country is embracing immigration in a bid to attract talent to fill skill shortages in key sectors, and to manage social, economic and demographic challenges in the years ahead.

Earlier this year, Canada announced it would temporarily remove the limit on the number of hours that international students in the country can work from November 15 to address labor shortages.

Out of 405,000 permanent residents that Canada welcomed in 2021, more than 157,000 were former international students.

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