Work rights in Australia extended for international students

Work rights in Australia extended for international students Education Beyond Borders Podcast

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24-FEB-2023 | The post-pandemic recovery of the international education sector has been boosted by generous policies concerning in-study and post-study work rights for foreign students. These policies are evolving, and today we’ll look at the latest rules around work rights in Australia, which are set to take effect on 1 July 2023.

Australia has announced the list of professions and courses that will be eligible for extended post-study work rights from July 1. Eligible programs range from health, technology, education and construction, and have been selected to respond to worker shortages in key sectors.

Work rights in Australia - Medical Studies, Verbalists Education
Medical studies, physiotherapy, pharmacy, engineering, food science and data science are all included among the eligible courses

The new measures will allow eligible international higher education graduates in Australia to access to an extra two years of post-study work rights. Additionally the work hours cap for international students will be increased from 40 hours to 48 hours every two weeks.

Eligible bachelor graduates across the country will see their work rights extended from two to four years, masters from three to five years, while all doctoral graduates will have their rights increased from four to six years.

The list of eligible degrees for the 4-5-year work rights is long, which will come as a relief to students who might have been worried it would be limited to a handful of fields. The priority areas include health, teaching, engineering, and agricultural fields.

All doctoral graduates, regardless of their study area, will be granted 6 years.

If a student is graduating with a degree that is not on that list, their post-study work time is 2 years for a bachelor’s degree and 3 years for a master’s degree.

It has become very difficult for many international students across the popular study destinations to both study enough and pay for tuition, rent, and food. Not only do international students face higher fees than domestic students, but they also struggle with the higher consumer prices and rent facing all students in their host country. Some also face pressures due to the exchange rates associated with their currency.

With these new rules, Australia now offers the best post-study work offerings amongst Canada, the US, the UK or New Zealand.

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