Learning English in Brighton – Bruna’s story of growth and success

Learning English in Brighton, Verbalists Student Testimonial - Bruna Cavalcanti in London

Learning English in Brighton’s Embrace – Our student Bruna Cavalcanti, a dynamic professional from Brazil, embarked on a remarkable journey with Kings Brighton to enhance her English skills and elevate her career to new heights.

25-APR-2023 | With our guidance, Bruna’s path led her from her role as a Robotic Process Automation Engineer in Brazil to the vibrant classrooms of Kings Education.

Throughout her intensive month-long exchange, Bruna immersed herself in both English language studying and unique cultural experiences. Her days were primarily dedicated to learning, seizing every moment to absorb the knowledge and skills provided:

“This exchange to England provided me with 4 intense weeks of study and experiences that I would never have outside of it.

One month does not make us fluent, but, depending on your level of English, it is enough to make us lose our fear of the language, gain confidence and a little more autonomy in our daily lives.

I spent most of my days at Kings Education, as the main purpose of my exchange was studying. I really took advantage of this opportunity as best I could.

I come home with feedback from one of my Kings teachers, who couldn’t describe me better: “It has been a real pleasure to teach you and to have you in the class as you are always so bubbly, positive and enthusiastic in class which is really great and much appreciated by a teacher!” If I could sum it up in 1 word, it would certainly be “bubbly”. 😂

Thank you so much Verbalists and Kings Education for the excellence in teaching and, above all, for making my stay in England unforgettable!

This experience I will take to all areas of my life!!!

In her video testimonial, Bruna’s sincere gratitude is evident as she acknowledges Verbalists and Kings Education. She praises these institutions for their excellent education and for helping her create lasting memories of her time in England.

Bruna’s story of learning English in Brighton

Meet Bruna from Brazil!
🤖 Robotic Process Automation Engineer
👩🏻‍💻 I build bots for companies
🌎 Living and working from anywhere

Bruna returns to her homeland, Brazil, carrying with her the invaluable growth and experience she gained during her stay – an experience that will undoubtedly resonate across every facet of her life. As Bruna’s journey underscores, language proficiency isn’t merely about words; it’s about unlocking doors to global opportunities, enriching personal growth, and creating lasting memories.

Beyond Borders: Bruna’s journey to fluency learning English in Brighton

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