Verbalists’ unforgettable encounter with Hollywood’s rising star! ❤️🔥

Nicholas Galitzine’s surprise meet-up with Verbalists students creates memorable moments!

09-JUL-2023 | Our students Aurora Iandiorio, Jana Vidojevic, and Francesca Bertolani had an absolute blast at Harrods in London when they unexpectedly ran into the incredibly talented Nicholas Galitzine! 🌟🎬

You won’t believe it, but Nicholas, famous for his roles in “Purple Hearts” on Netflix and as Prince Robert in the enchanting “Cinderella” musical remake from 2021, was kind enough to chat with our students about his journey to stardom.

His down-to-earth personality and genuine passion for acting left a lasting impression on our Verbalists. 🤩🎭 They were thrilled to hear about his experiences working on set, and our students were truly inspired by his dedication and love for the craft.

Nicholas’s journey to becoming a true Hollywood star is a testament to his hard work and talent, and we couldn’t be happier for his well-deserved success. With his natural charm and a string of lead roles under his belt, not to mention the possibility of pursuing a musical career, we know he’s destined for even greater heights!

Stay tuned for more updates from Verbalists Education students’ extraordinary My LONDON adventures!

Aurora, Jana and Francesca with Nicholas Galitzine

Verbalists students and Nicholas Galitzine

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