From Dreamer to Doer: Vule’s journey at the Manchester City Football and English Academy

Introducing Vukasin Rajak: Verbalists’ young learner who scored unforgettable moments at the Manchester City Football and English Academy!

11-JUL-2023 | In the captivating world of football, dreams come true, and for young learner Vukasin Rajak, his dreams took flight at the prestigious Manchester City Football and English Academy.

Vukain Rajak on his visit of Man City Etihad Stadium, Verbalists

During his enriching experience, Vukasin had the incredible opportunity to explore the iconic Etihad Stadium alongside his fellow aspiring players.  Stepping foot onto the hallowed ground where football legends have left their mark, Vukasin’s excitement soared as he embarked on a guided tour of this magnificent arena. The echoes of roaring crowds and the whispers of football history filled the air, captivating the young learner’s heart and igniting his passion for the beautiful game.  

Accompanied by his newfound player friends, Vukasin strolled through the corridors that had witnessed the triumphs and trials of the likes of Aguero and Kompany. Each step resonated with the energy of countless matches and the unwavering spirit of Manchester City’s faithful fans.  

Vukain Rajak at Man City Etihad Stadium, Verbalists
As Vukasin explored the stadium, his wide-eyed wonder painted a picture of pure joy and inspiration. He gazed at the pitch with reverence, envisioning himself one day gracing the field, guided by the lessons and training he received at the Manchester City Football and English Academy.

The Etihad Stadium became a living testament to the dreams that took shape within Vukasin’s heart.   This excursion to the Etihad Stadium, one of the most sought-after destinations for football enthusiasts, enriched Vukasin’s journey at the academy. It instilled in him a deep appreciation for the sport’s legacy and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

With a heart brimming with gratitude and a mind filled with unforgettable moments, Vukasin Rajak, the young learner from Verbalists Education, left the Etihad Stadium forever changed. His visit to this sacred ground ignited a fire within him, inspiring him to reach for the stars and follow in the footsteps of the footballing greats who once graced those hallowed grounds.

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Verbalists young learner who scored unforgettable moments at the Manchester City Football and English Academy

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