ST Alphe London: PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education’s dedication to students’ study abroad success

11–SEP–2023 | PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education are proud to announce their successful participation in the prestigious ST Alphe London Conference, held from 1st-3rd September. This noteworthy event, organized by the Study Travel Network for over two decades, served as a global gathering point for educators, institutions, travel agencies, and accommodation providers.

A highlight of the conference was the ST Star Awards Ceremony, held on the second day, which recognized outstanding contributors within the education and travel industry. Our representatives were honored to participate in this prestigious event, a testament to PRODIREKT’s and Verbalists Education’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional academic advisory services, underscoring our dedication to excellence.

PRODIREKT and Verbalists at ST Star Awards Ceremony in London
Dejan Trpkovic and Janci Hubner at the ST Star Awards Ceremony during the ST Alphe London Conference

The ST Alphe Conference provided invaluable insights into the evolving landscape and challenges of the education and study abroad sector. “In the world of business, it’s not just about making connections; it’s about forging the right connections. Meeting our existing and new partners, who share our mission to meet the academic needs of students in emerging markets, was a pivotal highlight for us,” stated Dejan Trpkovic, Managing Director of PRODIREKT and the founder of Verbalists Education & Language Network.

Before the conference, our team had the privilege of visiting ACS International, one of Europe’s premier high schools. While we had previously toured their state-of-the-art facilities and witnessed impressive graduation ceremonies, the opportunity to meet students, teachers, and senior management in person was truly invaluable. The 128-acre campus, boasting the finest quality sports facilities among international schools in Europe, continues to inspire us.

Verbalists representatives at the ACS FAM trip farewell lunch
Group photo of the agents taken after a pleasant lunch with the senior management of ACS School.

Following the Alphe London event, we graciously accepted an invitation from our long-term partner, St Giles International, to join a select group of agents on a four-day tour of St Giles schools in London, Brighton, Cambridge, Canterbury, and Eastbourne. Stay tuned as we share more about this incredible journey. St Giles, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious language schools, has been a steadfast partner of PRODIREKT for over 15 years, helping hundreds of our students enhance their language skills in their centers.

Our participation in the ST Alphe Conference signifies our unwavering commitment to guiding students in making informed decisions about their academic journeys, including selecting the right programs, accommodations, and more. We look forward to continuing our mission of excellence in education and strengthening our partnerships to benefit students in emerging markets.

Take a look at our video and discover the atmosphere at the Alphe London event, where we engaged with the study abroad community, sharing insights and forging valuable connections:

About PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education

PRODIREKT is an internationally accredited and leading academic consultancy and education group, specializing in satisfying study abroad needs of students coming from emerging markets.

PRODIREKT’s innovative solutions for career and talent management offer a bridge between strategy and education, while our business group, Verbalists Education & Language Network, helps our individual and corporate clients achieve their objectives in international communication.

About ST Alphe Conferences

StudyTravel Alphe Conferences have been an essential part of the study travel industry calendar for over 20 years. The conference is a 2-day event that is an ideal opportunity for language providers, high schools and higher education institutions to meet in person with study travel agents from around the world.

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