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Verbalists brand begins with an idea to connect people to the power of languages and joy of journeys that inspire, surprise and entertain. It’s open-eyed and open-minded, living in the moment, and finding surprises where others might not see them.

Get professional and impartial advice from the experts on how to choose the most suitable study program abroad. Our experience, cultural awareness and leading network of accredited schools will allow us to provide accurate, relevant information that will help you choose a course to suit your interests, your budget and your personal circumstances. Whether you are a language learner, or a language teacher; a linguist, a professional or an executive  – we can help anyone with a passion for language and an avid interest in other cultures.

Verbalisti Communication and Languages

Verbalists, Network for Communication and Language Lovers

The Verbalists social network has been created for language lovers and all those wishing to improve their communication skills. Business people, professionals, diplomats, foreign language teachers, interpreters, linguists, students, institutes and foreign language schools, as well as professional associations — they all actively participate within the Verbalists network towards the same goal: to benefit from exchanging experience and to increase the quality of professional development.

Language education in the best language schools, VerbalistiVerbalists is a brand of Prodirekt, which is a certified representative and partner of prestigious schools and colleges in world renowned university centres. In fact, it was the cooperation with these reputable schools which led to launching Verbalists as a regional social network, one of its kind in Europe. Furthermore, Verbalists are the answer to the growing demand for the regional standardization in foreign language studies.

Our language courses are designed to teach you important vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and listening skills in an entertaining way. The actual learning process is not quite what you’d expect – you’ll be amazed at how quickly your language skills develop, and how much day-to-day vocabulary you’ll understand right from the start.

Students, teachers and parents worldwide choose Verbalists as their trusted guide for the finest in educational services and language travel. Enroll for foreign language study abroad with us and enjoy the excitement, flexibility and dependability of an accredited organization and the leading European language network – experience language travel at its best!

We would be happy to advise you further on our language courses, course locations, our educator partners, accommodation options or even what to do in your spare time at our course destinations. Simply call us or send us a message:

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