The British Dialects – an Excellent Vocal Tour

The major native dialects of English are often divided by linguists into the three general categories: the British Isles dialects, those of North America and those of Australasia.

British accentThe United Kingdom is probably the most dialect-obsessed nation in the world. With countless accents shaped by thousands of years of history, there are few English-speaking nations with as many varieties of language in such a small space. Dialects and accents vary amongst the four countries of the United Kingdom, as well as within the countries themselves. READ MORE

Foreign Language Teaching and the Concept of Repetition

Repetition for better English

Fundamental ESL/EFL teaching principles which are easy to forget – or tempting to ignore

One of the essential principles of the language learning process – fundamentals that have been known and understood for decades but which we as teachers have sometimes failed to implement – is the pedagogical concept of Repetition. Yes, Repetition. To summarize: Repetition. READ MORE

Communication and Languages Networking Forum

The Communication & Languages LinkedIn group is a networking forum for senior strategic communicators, media and marketing experts, opinion leaders, educators, school owners, teachers, and young professionals. It connects professionals of varied backgrounds and expertise, yet common interest — effective communication. Please join here

Discussion: Importance of student testimonials

Students are inundated from a young age by pushy marketing tactics. They are justifiably skeptical about the objectivity of educators’ claims, so they often seek reassurance from others who have had to make the same decision that they are about to. Therefore, testimonials can play a powerful role in enhancing integrated marketing communications, particularly for international student recruitment. Unfortunately, testimonials are not used enough by educators, and when they are used, the messages are often polished, providing no authenticity. READ MORE

Languages of the Fashion Industry

Language learning in the fashion industry

One look at models on a catwalk and we see them posing, walking, smiling, sometimes not smiling…but we very rarely see them talking. It is for this reason that the notion of language learning in the fashion industry might seem quite farfetched at first glance. However, after scratching the surface it immediately becomes clear that this is a very international business, and just like in any other international setting, knowing languages gives the players of the game an advantage over their peers. READ MORE

Being bilingual makes you smarter

Bilinguals Are Smarter, Language travel by Verbalists
Being bilingual makes you smarter, so embark on a fab language travel with Verbalists

Speaking two languages rather than just one has obvious practical benefits in an increasingly globalized world. But in recent years, scientists have begun to show that the advantages of bilingualism are even more fundamental than being able to converse with a wider range of people. Being bilingual, it turns out, makes you smarter. It can have a profound effect on your brain, improving cognitive skills not related to language and even shielding against dementia in old age. READ MORE