Croatia will waste your time! – a well-executed PR move or time for the Croatian Tourism Association to hire a professional translator?

Croatia - waste of time

“Before you visit Croatia you should know… Croatia will waste your time” is the message in the promotional video created by the Croatian Tourism Association, depicting the country’s national parks. The same message has been published on the Croatia Full of Life Facebook page, which has over 100,000 followers. Many have commented on the improper use of the English language by the administrators and the potential detrimental effect it may have on the image of Croatian tourism. READ MORE

Break free from your mold!

Freedom sculpture
Freedom Sculpture – GlaxoSmithKline World Headquarters, Philadelphia. 20 feet long, 8 feet high

Creative ideas, Break from the Mold

“I wanted to create a sculpture almost anyone, regardless of their background, could look at and instantly recognize that it is about the idea of struggling to break free. This sculpture is about the struggle for achievement of freedom through the creative process.”
– Zenos Frudakis