A fun perspective of the famous London landmarks

London-based photographer Rich McCor decided to try being a tourist in his own city in one rather unique way. Rich took photos of London’s landmarks, and then, mixed things up a bit, mostly by using intricate paper cutouts to transform the sights into something else. He started by giving the 156 year-old Big Ben a modern update and turning it into a wristwatch:

Big Ben modern update

…and here, he is cracking open a bottle of fizz at Tower Bridge: Continue reading “A fun perspective of the famous London landmarks”

Syrian refugee ‘city’ in Jordan

Jordan’s Syrian refugee ‘city’ – with 115,000 residents, 12 districts, 6,000 shops and its own ‘Champs Elysees’

Syrian refugee camp near the Jordan-Syria border
The Zaatari refugee camp near the Jordanian city of Mafraq, some 5 miles from the Jordan-Syria border. Photo: AP (click to enlarge image)

A climber on the eastern face of Mont Blanc, best photography

best photography -  a climber on the eastern face of Mont Blanc
A climber on the eastern face of Mont Blanc – source Ben Tibbetts (click on photo to enlarge)


Ben Tibbetts is an adventure photographer and aspirant British Mountain Guide based in Chamonix, France. He currently offers Alpine and British guiding, logistics and guiding in Greenland and adventure photography services worldwide.

If you want to take your adventures further, get in touch with Ben here!

Perfect getaway for relaxation at the remotest locations

Can you count the times you’ve desired to get far away from everything and everyone around you on a perfect getaway? From that dull routine and stress that is stuck in your life wanting to spend some quality times surrounded by peace and harmony only and relax to the maximum.

Lonely houses

Everyone fantasizes to pack up the bags and leave everything behind, just to spend some time in a lonely house on a mountain peak, in the middle of a forest or near a watery environment. Well, when you get serious about it, here are some very good ideas 🙂 Continue reading “Perfect getaway for relaxation at the remotest locations”

The Orthodox Christmas Eve in Serbia

The Orthodox Christmas Eve in Serbia, Verbalists

Serbians attend a ceremonial burning of oak branches, the Yule log symbol for the Orthodox Christmas Eve, in front of a church in Smederevo, 60 kilometres east of Belgrade. The branches are also carried into the homes and burned. The Orthodox Christmas Day is celebrated today, 7 January (according to the Julian calendar).