More than 75 percent of health care professionals in Serbia are thinking about leaving the country

BELGRADE – More than 75 percent of health care professionals in Serbia are thinking about leaving the country, according to the results of a research on health workforce migration, which could destabilize the country’s health care system.

Serbian medical workers are looking for work in GermanyPresenting the findings of the research “Migration of Health Care Workers from the Western Balkans: Analyzing Causes, Consequences and Policies”, the researchers said that the economic motives had a significant influence on migration.

“The results of the research have shown that more than 75 percent of doctors have considered leaving the country either at some point in their lives or recently. The percentage is even higher (81 percent) among respondents under 35 years of age,” said Dr Maja Krstic, a research associate from Serbia.

She pointed to difficult economic situation and low income, poor working conditions, low employment options and lack of prospects as the main reasons why health care professionals would choose to emigrate.

The Serbian Medical Chamber has issued around 2,000 “certificates of good standing” to medical doctors since 2012, and the number keeps rising, Krstic said, adding that no data were available on the possible country of destination or the length of stay.

At the end of 2014, 2,644 doctors in Serbia were unemployed.

The Orthodox Christmas Eve in Serbia

The Orthodox Christmas Eve in Serbia, Verbalists

Serbians attend a ceremonial burning of oak branches, the Yule log symbol for the Orthodox Christmas Eve, in front of a church in Smederevo, 60 kilometres east of Belgrade. The branches are also carried into the homes and burned. The Orthodox Christmas Day is celebrated today, 7 January (according to the Julian calendar).


Happy from Pancevo

Happy from Pancevo, Serbia

A group of people got inspired and decided to show their way of feeling happy on the streets of Pancevo… Great job! 🙂

Pharrell Williams – Happy – We are from Pancevo (Serbia)

Magic Touch of Stanley Jordan for Language Lovers (VIDEO)

Stanley Jordan with Verbalists

PRODIREKT, with its Verbalists Education & Language Network, partnered with the organizers of the leading jazz festival in Europe — Nisville.

Our cooperation started in 2011, when the organizers set up several performing stages within the walls of the enchanted Nis fortress in Serbia. The global language network Verbalists was entrusted with a unique privilege to provide a regional media coverage of that prestigious event which instantly became a great playground for the vibrant summer Festival spectacles ever since. Verbalists have had the opportunity to interview the famous jazzists and celebrities, such as, the saxophone player Hans and Candy Dulfer, swing band “Jive Aces”, jazz vocalist Maya Nova, trumpet player Tom Harell, and Stanley Jordan. READ MORE