My teacher training in London

My English language teacher training in London - Laura Zanella
Laura Zanella

31-OCT-2018 | English Language Teacher Training: Laura Zanella from Trento, Italy, approached us with a need to improve her English language teaching skills and to earn a teaching certification. Laura’s testimonial may be helpful if you are thinking of furthering your ESOL teaching career.


Lola and Uros about their studying in the US

Studying in the US – Graduate Preparation Program

15-SEP-2016 | Our students Lola Hasanovic and Uros Ranisavljevic attended last summer Graduate Preparation Program at Kings Education New Jersey. They both come from Belgrade, Serbia, and both completed their undergraduate degree at the University of Belgrade, majoring in International Relations and International Politics.

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UK FAM Trip: Champions League, The Beatles, Oxford education – Verbalists bring Manchester City Football Academy and other essentially British destinations closer to you

UK FAM trip - Leanne and Victoria, the owners of language school LILA Liverpool, Verbalists

26-FEB-2016 | Last week, PRODIREKT and Verbalists representatives enjoyed the privilege of being one of the select few companies to be invited to an exclusive Manchester City Football Language School VIP event, organized by Experience English, the leading UK educator.

We also used this opportunity to pay a visit to our other partner schools, making this 10-day FAM (familiarization) trip a real island adventure. With a tight schedule, we toured 5 UK cities in 10 days, quite fascinating, to say the least. What made it so? Read on…