About Verbalists – your best choice for learning languages

Verbalists connect people to the power of education, languages & joy of journeys that inspire and entertain. It’s open-eyed and open-minded, living in the moment, and finding surprises where others might not see them.

Business people, professionals, diplomats, foreign language teachers, interpreters, linguists, students, as well as institutes and foreign language schools — they all actively participate within the network towards the same goal: to benefit from exchanging experience and to increase the quality of professional development.

Many celebrities worldwide have also extended their support for Verbalists

The Verbalists Education & Language Network was founded in 2009 by PRODIREKT Education Group, a leading academic consultancy and partner of prestigious schools and colleges in world renowned university centers. In fact, it was the cooperation with these reputable schools which led to launching Verbalists as a language network.

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Why choose us?

We guarantee quality education and more connection, friendship and fun!

Our clients benefit from:

Expert and impartial advice, backed by 25+ years of experience

Verbalists are a team of language specialists and experienced professionals who themselves participated in language study and professional training programs. Furthermore, our staff are trained by partner colleges to assess, analyze and counsel a student; they also underwent Inspections & Inspector Training Course organized by EAQUALS (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services).

When it comes to young learner programs, the safety and well-being of students is our top priority and that’s why all our groups are accompanied by an experienced group leader who looks after students’ welfare during their course attendance.

Value for money, with no hidden costs

Due to our high reputation, business volume and long-term relations with schools and colleges, we are able to offer different forms of support that may range from scholarships to special discounts, exclusive to our students. Our transparent commercial terms include rates that are the same as what schools, accommodation, insurance and airport transfer providers charge to the public.

Enrollment advantages

As our student, you will enjoy some very important program enrollment advantages, such as, faster processing time of your application, lower or no course deposits, no charge for booking changes, priority in reserving your residential or homestay accommodation, less strict cancellation policies, and many more.

Tailored language and communication skills programs, delivered by the global team of 500+ professionally qualified trainers

We offer English, German, Spanish and most major world language programs online and in-person, delivered by a highly experienced global team of over 500 expert trainers.

Having been professionally involved with language study for more than 25 years, we have found that simply offering a program is not enough; a strategy that works for one person might not be right for another. Before enrolling in any language course or professional training, our student is certain about his/her language skills and goals. We help you answer the following questions: What is your current language proficiency level? What level do you want to achieve? How soon can you achieve it? Which course is best for you? How much will your language study cost?

Whether you wish to challenge a higher level of the career ladder, pursue international networking, or study abroad for further career development, we have the language program solution for you.

Range of services

In addition to language education programs, we offer business coaching, cultural training, and communication skills training. We have a network of overseas training centers and affiliates so that our clients can continue their personalized training program when they go abroad or return to their country of residence.

Our students are also provided with academic advising, entailing career guidance, accommodation arrangement, visa application assistance, airport transfer, student insurance, etc.

In case of the Verbalists group programs for young learners, our staff and group leaders provide additional guidance and care during the duration of a program.

Quality assurance

We’re highly accredited on an international level. Many of our services are subject to external quality control procedures by the leading language travel and higher education associations – English UK, Alphe UK, FEDELE Spain, FELTOM Malta, ICEF Germany, and many more. Please read more about the language network’s international accreditation here.

Our education partners/providers and programs are handpicked. We select partner language schools according to strict criteria – accreditation, high-quality facilities, small class sizes at a range of levels, great location, first-class teaching and an exciting activities program, among other aspects. Our advisors and management regularly visit the partner schools to inspect their premises and accommodation facilities. We make sure you get the best quality schools and unique programs.

Track record

The Verbalists Education & Language Network has long-standing contracts and preferred-agency status with clients ranging from the world’s leading schools and colleges to accommodation agencies, insurance organizations, media, etc. For over 25 years, together with our education partners, we have successfully delivered thousands of courses to young learners as well as to adults from a wide range of professions.

Top rated language training and academic consultancy

Our personalized services are consistently top-rated on Google and Facebook, as well as in student reviews communicated to our education partners. The surveys we conduct regularly indicate that 97% of our clients would highly recommend us to their friends and relatives.  We do these surveys every year to improve and to ensure that our services and courses match what our clients need.

Global reach and perspective of a world-leading language network

We can have the best product and the best intentions, however, that all becomes so much more valuable when we are able to reach so many of you in so many countries. With the Verbalists Language Network we have been able to reach and involve 7,000+ teachers and educate 17,000+ students from all over the world.

Our students are offered unique and valuable educational, culturally diverse and entertaining content, which has resulted in more than 100,000 Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn followers, as well as 2 million YouTube views…and still counting!

Languages and education at their best

We’ve helped thousands of students get into their top choice schools or find a language course to suit their interests, budget and personal circumstances. Now we want to help you. Contact us here for a free consultation.