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The Verbalists Education & Language Network has been created for language lovers and all those wishing to improve their communication skills.

With 100,000+ social network members, more than 500 trainers, and 15,000+ students supported, Verbalists Education is one of the world’s leading language networks.

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Tailored language and communication skills programs, delivered by the global team of 500+ professionally qualified trainers

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Enroll for foreign language study abroad and/or online language course with us and enjoy the excitement, flexibility and dependability of an internationally accredited organizationexperience language education at its best!

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Language study abroad with Verbalists will change your life – whether you want to learn a second language for your job, travel, for an examination purposes or just for pleasure.

We offer a broad range of programs, including young learner summer schools, sports camps, academic courses, exam preparation courses, adult courses, business programs, and many more.

Choose one of our most popular and accredited programs or contact  us to create a custom-made learning package for you.

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Whether you are a teacher planning a school trip, or you own a language school and want to complement your student’s education with a trip abroad, or you are a manager who wants to send a group of employees abroad to develop their language skills, we can organize an individual or a group language learning program for you.

Best young learner language programs

Popular English language Summer School in Malta

Verbalists Education’s trademark is action-packed language learning programs and camps, and Summer School in Malta is the most popular of those. Every week during the summer new groups of our young learners arrive in Malta to experience English classes, activities…

Verbalists Young Learner Summer Schools have inspired more than 15,000 students from around the world to chase their dream universities and careers with conviction and confidence.

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Online language education


We will take you from learning a language to living a language


iteach offers teachers a low-cost platform where they can access high quality interactive development sessions and asynchronous resources.

“We are happy to have been a part of this progressive project from its very start because of our strong ‘match’ to the iteach objectives – to inspire teachers to improve and be the best!

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The Verbalists Education & Language Network has forged a partnership with UKLC and its new project iteach in delivering continuous support and development to teachers and education professionals.