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The Verbalists Education & Language Network was founded in 2009 by PRODIREKT Education Group, a leading academic consultancy and partner of prestigious schools and colleges in world renowned university centers. In fact, it was the cooperation with these reputable schools which led to launching Verbalists as a language network.

With 100,000+ social network members, more than 500 trainers, and 10,000+ students supported, Verbalists Education is one of the world’s most reputable language networks.

ICEF Higher Education – The world’s leading educators and agents gathered in Barcelona

From September 10–12, 2022 | PRODIREKT and Verbalists Education participated in the three-day ICEF Higher Education 2022 event held in Barcelona, Spain. ICEF Higher Education is a long-standing, popular networking event specifically designed to bring together educators and high-quality, pre-screened student recruitment agents, focused on recruiting students to the international higher education sector.


Learn English online with Kobe Bryant’s Dear Basketball

Learn English online with Kobe Bryant's Dear Basketball

In honor of Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, we wanted to bring you a special audio lesson where you will learn English online with Kobe Bryant and his Oscar-winning short film “Dear Basketball”.

We hope that this will bring you some inspiration, and that you will learn some things that will help you not only in English, but also in life.

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Verbalists Education at the most important North American event for education professionals

May 13-16, 2022 – ICEF Toronto, the largest North American event for international education professionals

19–MAY–2022 | There was a great deal of excitement leading up to ICEF Toronto, with many in the education industry looking forward to catching up with friends and colleagues in person after such a long period apart. And this year’s ICEF Toronto event certainly did not disappoint. A total of 414 educators representing 248 institutions from Canada and the US joined the event.

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