Online language courses enrollment guide

Study using our easily accessible, advanced interactive platform, explore flexible timetable options and join online classes whenever it suits you.

The following online language courses step-by-step guide shows you the stages involved – from the initial conception of your course right through to the training itself and your post-course options.

Online Language Courses – How to Enroll & Learning Path

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    • Free consultation to establish needs, goals and current fluency level
    • Free level assessment based on consultation and/or written test

    The first step is to fill in the questionnaire and tell us what your language learning expectations are.

    We will then contact you to assess your language skill level and needs. It is important we understand why you want to learn, how you want to learn, what you hope to achieve, what your current language skills are, and how much time you’d like to commit. This is a free interview with our team member who will help you choose the course that is best for you.


    We will present you with a tailor-made offer that suits your needs. The proposal will include training format, course content, course duration and price. The proposal is a framework which you are able to refine to meet your schedule and specific learning circumstances. Once agreed, the proposal is passed to our operations team.


    Our operations team will contact you to complete the registration details and to confirm times and durations.

    You will then receive an invoice from PRODIREKT LLC – the education group that owns the Verbalists Education & Language Network.

    Upon receipt of your payment, we will select and engage one of our expert trainers who matches your needs and is available to teach you in your time zone.


    We offer flexible scheduling for the busiest agendas. This means that our trainers can usually reschedule according to your needs, ideal for the busy person who cannot plan more than 2 or 3 days ahead.

    Minimum lesson duration is 60 minutes (30 minutes for children). Minimum number of lessons is 10.


    Experience dynamic and participative lessons by accessing Verbalists Language Network’s own high-quality virtual classroom. We use the learning resources and digital material that have been specifically designed for our clients.

    Your trainer will continuously assess your strengths, weaknesses and learning style, and adapt the teaching method and materials accordingly in order to maximize your language acquisition.

    A variety of materials will be used to encourage development of different language skills, such as course books, videos, print media, the internet and personal tailored worksheets. All sessions can be recorded and reviewed.


    The trainer will conduct regular progress assessments (formal and informal) to track your progress and make recommendations on the next steps. This can be arranged for every block of 20 hours, and highlights both areas of success and action points for future training.

    We will also carry out a final review to reflect on your course experience and assess whether you have achieved the learning outcomes identified in your initial course preparation.

    After your last lesson you will be provided with a certificate of completion to celebrate your learning.

What’s next?

You may want to continue learning online or in a more focused way, such as a full-immersion language studying in the country where that language is spoken. The Verbalists Language Network has partnered with the world’s best schools to offer language learning options in most attractive destinations. You may find here some of our long-established and accredited adult programs, as well as famous young learner summer schools, sports camps and academic programs.

Other less formal ways to consolidate your learning may be to follow the language network’s Blog and FunVOCAB, and to listen to the Verbalists Podcast. We publish education and travel news, interesting articles, resources and guides and make them available to everyone on our websites and social media.

Need some guidance? Connect with our team here!