One-on-One online Language Coaching

Language coaching is all about helping and motivating learners to make their own decisions about their language learning journey.

While traditional language training focusses on teaching the mechanics of the language (e.g. grammar, syntax and vocabulary), Language Coaching addresses the emotional, motivational and practical side of learning a language. Our coach can train you up, just like a sports coach, to be an incredible language learner.

Teaching and Coaching – What are the differences?

In order to better understand language coaching, we can compare it to language teaching – the traditional way that language is learned. In general:


Emphasis on knowledge

Teacher is the authority

Curriculum determined by subject

Progress occurs in class

Concerned with subject

Class presentations

Dependent on teacher for learning


Emphasis on achievement

Coach is an expert but has equal status to client

Material is chosen for client’s specific needs

Progress occurs outside of class

Concerned with all aspects of the client’s learning

Questions/strategies for self study and practice

Client is coached to direct his/her own learning

Verbalists Language Network’s coach will identify your short-term and long-term goals, help you understand and overcome personal blocks to success, and create realistic and measurable goals.

We will then select activities and learning strategies that best fit your strengths, while tackling weaknesses. If you are a visual learner with reduced listening comprehension, we will choose activities that will take advantage of one while boosting the other.

You will also be introduced to the very best language resources, as well as ideas to use language skills outside the classroom. This customized learning experience will help you become a smarter language learner with excellent communication skills.


Free initial consultation to establish needs, goals and current fluency level.

Free level assessment based on consultation and/or written test.

Personal language coaching designed to meet your individual needs.

Award-winning platform, and the very latest in learning science.

Total flexibility.

Is Language Coaching for me?

Language coaching could be good for many people, but there are two groups that might especially benefit from this approach:

1) Independent learner

In this modern age, where there is everything you need available on the internet, you might be able learn English without attending English classes. Our coach, however, will help you organize and guide your English learning by setting goals and measuring progress. In addition, we will help you better understand your learning style and methods that specifically suit you.

2) Executives and managers

People who are used to taking a leadership role could feel more comfortable with a language professional who will use principles of motivation, efficiency and performance to design an individual program for them, rather than more traditional methods such as a set curriculum with specific activities. Executives who work in a non-native language often need to function in high stakes meetings, presentations and conferences. Coaching focuses on those events offering support for practical achievement in the client’s world.

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