Language Audit

Language Audit – quick and effective assessment of the language skills of your employees and job candidates

Our language audit is an excellent tool for quick and effective language evaluation in both the recruitment of your workers as well as in the assessment of the effectiveness of the language courses organized by your company. Your company may wish to do this for different reasons: to prepare a training program or to increase its efficiency, to analyze the skills of staff, to introduce incentives for learning…

We will identify and define the needs of your company and its components and evaluate the teams’ foreign language potential. Some of the questions that may be addressed during our language audit: Will a person who is rated as intermediate (B2) really be able to perform well in a given position? Do they necessarily have the skills required to perform the specific duties properly? Is the professional jargon of the position in question familiar to them?

Language audit in three simple steps:

1. Dedicated online tests

2. Interviews with our auditor

3. Audit report

The result of the language audit is a comprehensive overview of your employees’ language skills, an evaluation of the language needs for each position in the company, and a proposition of educational programs which will help you achieve your company’s communication goals. Our audit will also help your managers create motivational plans and to manage human resources.

We provide language audit services all around the world; the process is online-based. Contact us for more information or to order a language audit.

The Verbalists Language Network is a part of the PRODIREKT Group which recruits world-class international educators and provides cutting-edge academic advising and professional learning opportunities.

PRODIREKT’s innovative solutions for career and talent management offer a bridge between strategy and education, while the Verbalists Education & Language Network business group helps our individual and corporate clients achieve their objectives in international communication.