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Online language classes for adults

Our community has over 500 expert tutors – all with prior teaching experience, certified and closely and continuously evaluated by our Academic Team.

Your learning happens in just one place – on the state-of-the-art online learning platform with all the tools of a physical classroom.

Learners must be at least 16 years old.

Minimum number of hours that can be booked is 15, however, you are welcome to pay for a 1-hour no obligation lesson with a tutor we would allocate for your course before having to commit to the 15 hours payment.

The minimum session length is 1 hour; we recommend a session length of 1.5 hours.

Once our free needs analysis and language assessment are performed, for online lessons we can normally allocate a tutor within a week/2 weeks.

Learning with us is easy

In order to participate, you need: computer, tablet or smartphone, reliable internet connection, web camera, and headset or headphone with a built-in microphone. You don’t need to be a technical whizz, as you will receive a thorough introduction when you start. That way we are sure you get the most out of your course.

Thanks to our interactive methods, based on 20 years of research by Cambridge and Oxford experts, with the Verbalists Language Network you’re set up for success.

HOW IT WORKS – You will find here our Step-by-Step Guide that shows you the stages involved – from the initial conception of your course right through to the training itself and your post-course options.

Learning Formats

Small groups (max 6 participants)

Boost your language skills and confidence. Join classmates from around the world in 100% online teacher-led classes and interactive lessons.

Personal online tutoring

Reach fluency fast with private, live online language lessons. These one-to-one sessions will focus on a personal plan to help you maximize your potential and confidence when reading, writing and speaking the foreign language of your choice.

Types of Online Courses

Conversation practice

Speak confidently about topics you love and reach fluency through conversation

Exam preparation

Get the score you need for exams like IELTS, Goethe Certificates, DELF, JLPT, and more


From email writing to interview skills; lessons on a wide variety of topics with certified teachers who have industry experience

Language Learning Motivation: A Few Thoughts for Our Students

Even if you are already familiar with the different language levels, we recommend reviewing our Self-Assessment Guide which details everything you need to know about the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), what fluency is, and how you can figure out your level of language proficiency using the CEFR self-assessment.

Many online language learning applications and schools will promise that you can learn a language in just a few minutes a day. There is a significant difference between memorizing vocabulary lists and speaking a language with confidence. While some people find they have an aptitude for picking things up quickly, there is no magic formula, nor is there a quick fix approach to learning a new language.

While learning a language will never be 100 percent easy – nothing truly worthwhile is – it can definitely be enjoyable and successful. Remember, you’re learning a skill. Relish the ridiculous moments, especially during the first months, and do not fear failure or embarrassment. Make peace with the fact that your accent might not be perfect and that you will not understand everything. None of this matters in the long run because language fluency will eventually develop as you progress. What matters is commitment!

We do not recommend that you treat learning a new language as an end goal, but rather as a journey and never-ending experience. How about starting that exciting journey together now:


The first step is to fill in the questionnaire and tell us what your language learning expectations are. Once we receive your enquiry, we will contact you to schedule a free consultation to establish your needs, goals and current fluency level. Please see our Step-by-Step Guide for more information.

Beyond the Classroom

Our unique approach implies many additional activities to maximize your learning. Following a detailed analysis, we will prepare a few suggestions to take you “Beyond the Classroom,“ and that could be:

Conversation Partner Program

The Conversation Partner program pairs language learners with fluent speakers. We not only pair English language learners with native English speakers, but also pair learners of other languages with native speakers.

Listen to Verbalists Podcast

The Verbalists Education Beyond Borders Podcast is great because it can entertain and educate, even without your full attention. 

Podcasts are an excellent way to learn English. Not only can you hear real English conversations, so you can tell how words are pronounced, but you can listen to them anywhere, and pause or rewind them whenever you like — you can really learn your way!

Watch TED Talks

Signing up to TED Talks will help you develop your listening and concentration skills, as well as help you develop your vocabulary range. As there are so many TED Talk topics to choose from, why not focus on an area that interests you

Make your own vocabulary notebook

Learning new vocabulary through Verbalists Podcast, TED Talks and the news is great, but what do you do with those new words once you’ve read and heard them? Having a vocabulary note book might sound basic, but students who note down new words daily are much more likely to remember and, more importantly, use them!

Language Study Abroad

How about some intensive Language Study Abroad?

Intensive language study abroad can give you the ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in a language, as well as the chance to travel and experience a new country and its culture. Choosing a course abroad can be both exciting and daunting, which is why our Language & Learning Advisors are always here for you to help.

Mastering languages and studying abroad can change who you are in wonderful ways. Research has shown that learning languages strengthens cognitive skills, including problem solving and mental flexibility, while studying abroad also builds independence and confidence.

University of Cambridge, The School of Arts and Humanities and the School of Social Sciences

Online Language Courses Testimonials

What studying with Verbalists meant for them

We are proud to serve students from all over the world and help them reach their higher learning goals. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send us their comments.

Reviews are subjective, could be fake, and many people question their credibility. So, we have selected and published just some of the comments showing what our learners like about us and our online language courses…as a token of appreciation for everyone – our learners, our trainers, and our team.

  • Markus SchmidtSpanish Advance

    I love my Spanish course! It is really great and I have been learning a lot. I am glad I made the choice to take individual online live classes and I thank Verbalists for staying in the loop. It’s nice to know there is always someone to reach out to if needed. I know self-study programs, like Babble, are popular because of their price, but for me, nothing takes the place of the one-on-one learning I received.

  • Alan MurrayRussian Beginner

    So far I am happy with my online Russian lessons. I started my course 4 weeks ago and I can say that I am already reading and writing much better now.

  • I found out about Verbalists Network through a Google search, and am overall very happy with my classes! My Portuguese tutor Amanda has adapted her lessons to fit my needs. I am especially thankful for her flexibility in accommodating my changing schedules.

  • Wesam AhmedEnglish Beginner

    One of the main difficulties I faced in my previous courses was not having the courage to speak. From the very beginning teacher Ana helped me build my confidence to speak English. Thank you Ana and Verbalists.

  • Gabriele ReiterSpanish Intermediate

    I contacted Verbalists after hearing about them from my friend who went on one of their Spanish programs in Malaga. The online Spanish lessons with teacher Silvia are exactly what I was looking for. The classes were highly personalized and I was able to ask for specific topics to work on. And if I don’t, Silvia comes up with an interesting topic herself and surprises me with another fascinating detail of the Spanish language.

  • I wanted to study English online as it suits my hotel shift work schedule. When I started searching for an online English language course, I was overwhelmed with the number of language schools available. There are so many online programs to choose from so I spent a lot of time looking at different schools. In the end I chose Verbalists Language Network’s one-on-one program because I liked how they approached assessing my knowledge of English and needs. I also liked their methodical approach in finding the appropriate trainer and flexibility with class schedules. Finally, I am very satisfied with the quality of the course and the three teachers I had during my course which lasted for 3 months. I definitely recommend Verbalists.

  • Thanks to Verbalists and their tutors, I was able to do well and achieve a very good band score. Different sections are covered in one class which really helps student to get ready for the actual test. The coaching with Verbalists is planned in such a way that it avoids time wastage. Very satisfied!

  • Maria OrtegaGerman Beginner

    A very professional school, where you will find the best teachers!

  • Angel RistovskiItalian Intermediate

    From the first contact with Verbalists, I felt I was being treated as a friend rather than a client. The online classes were excellent and tailored to what I wanted to learn, and I felt I made real progress every day. I'll be back!

  • I attended a six-month online course. The quality of education provided by the trainers here is top class and the fee structure is just as reasonable. Personal experience here exceeds my expectations and reflects the reputation of Verbalists Language Network.

  • I am a medical manager in Mexico and I needed to improve English skills of my son and me to prepare for the move to Canada. After a long research I contacted Verbalists language network and Prodirekt because of their reviews and reputation; their website and social media also looked highly professional to me.

    From the very first moment we got in touch with Prodirekt managers everything was good. They were very knowledgeable and patient. Most importantly they were trustworthy! It's nice that there are still professionals out there who listen to what you need, not what they need to promote. I have nothing but praise for this company. I look forward to our continued business relationship and their looking after my son's academic path.

  • Natalia KonovalovaEnglish Intermediate

    You are The best. Thank You guys for great support.

  • From the very beginning Verbalists and their trainers demonstrated nothing but professionalism. Not only did teacher Donka develop my level of English, but she also helped me gain confidence and improve job interview skills.

  • Zoran VrucinicEnglish Intermediate

    I studied English thirty years ago in school as a second foreign language. After that I attended a few other courses and I used several internet platforms. A month ago, I received a scholarship from the Verbalists Language Network to study English online as their support for medical doctors fighting the Covid19 pandemic. I must point out that during the online course which lasted 4 weeks I advanced my English above all expectations. I am 47 years old and I would definitely recommend this course to middle-aged people.

  • Matheus CarvalhoEnglish Beginner

    The teaching has been excellent and I have learnt a lot.

  • I studied English with Verbalists for 2 years and had online classes with three teachers. The classes were always productive and fun. I have improved my English a lot thanks to all three teachers.

  • Stanislav AntonovItalian Intermediate

    Alexandre was fantastic – one of those teachers who really cares about how people progress in their learning – 10 marks out of 10.

  • A great way to learn English. I highly recommend Verbalists.

  • Ivon is an excellent and experienced French teacher. She has a lovely manner and students do not feel threatened. She keeps the course material diverse and interesting. The conversational French is of high standard.

  • Milan PatlidzankovskiEnglish Upper Intermediate

    I first attended the Verbalists summer camp in Malta and then I continued learning English online with this language network. I was nicely surprised how entertaining were online lessons.

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