The Communication and Languages Group received special quality recognition


The Communication and Languages Group recognized as one of LinkedIn’s “most engaging”

LinkedIn has just recognized the Communication and Languages Group as one of the best managed and most engaging groups on LinkedIn and selected it for their Inner Circle Program. The participation in the Program means that this Group will be afforded higher exposure and special features on the LinkedIn platform, thereby further enhancing its members’ experience and readership of the published content.

The Communication and Languages Group is a networking forum for educators, senior strategic communicators, opinion leaders, school owners, teachers, media and marketing experts, and young professionals. It connects professionals of varied backgrounds and expertise, yet common interest — effective education and communication.

Communication and Languages Group on LinkedIn, Verbalists
The Group membership has grown in just two years from 850 to over 7,500. Now that the Communication and Languages Group is in the LinkedIn Inner Circle, content posted will appear in more news feeds, bringing even more participation.

“With so many issues education professionals face right now, the Communication and Languages Group is one of the good ways to advance professionally, engage and better understand the industry trends. Now that the group is a part of the LinkedIn Inner Circle Program, content posted may appear in more news feeds – which can result in a wider audience and encourage more participation,” said Dejan Trpkovic, the Group creator.

The Verbalists Education & Language Network, which has supported this group since its inception, invites you to join it here to find interesting conversations, important webinars, industry reports, and trends in education and communication. It is also a great place to share your thoughts, and find ideas about creative education management and teaching strategies.

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