High quality adult language courses in top destinations worldwide

We have over 25 years’ experience in providing high quality adult language courses of all ages. Language study abroad with the Verbalists Language Network can change your life – whether you want to learn a second language for your job, travel, for an examination purposes or just for pleasure.

My Language Experience

Whatever your language goals, we are committed to help you achieve them. However, we also strive to go beyond classroom settings and typical excursions in creating language learning experiences for our students. We’ve used our expertise to create, together with our main partner educators, exclusive activities so that our students can discover new places, try new things, share experiences and learn languages in a fun-efficient way. Our friends and long-term partners at LAL Schools call this “Real life English”, and we couldn’t agree more.

What makes our adult language courses abroad different

When deciding which course to attend in one of many language schools abroad, you want to get help from an experienced, knowledgeable, dependable and accredited educational consultant. Apart from selecting the right school and program, there are many other important matters to consider: transportation, accommodation, airport transfers, travel insurance, to mention a few.

High quality adult language courses abroad

The benefits of choosing the Verbalists Education & Language Network to guide you through your professional improvement are explained in detail here, yet we want to outline again the four most important reasons why we should be your academic guide, especially when it comes to language learning abroad:

When booking through us you get better commercial terms than you would booking directly with a school

We are very transparent; there are no hidden fees and we always provide you with the full costs, which include charges that some schools don’t show prominently.

Moreover, not only will you get the same prices that schools charge, but you will also be able to take advantage of additional promotional discounts, scholarships, and special regional pricing, extended only to our students.

As our student, you also have more security and flexibility, particularly in case of cancellation terms and accommodation reservation.

We are internationally accredited education advisors

Our educators and consultants are trained by partner colleges to assess, analyze and counsel a student; we also underwent Inspections & Inspector Training Course organized by EAQUALS (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services). For more information, please see Accreditation and Memberships.  

Our education industry engagement, experience and qualifications

We are not a travel agent but an experienced, highly qualified educator. In addition to delivering the Verbalists online language courses, our trainers have designed a number of programs with the world’s top rated language schools. We know what students need – as educators, and because we also have students who are part of the Language Network.

We are trusted education consultants, among other reasons, because of our regular attendance of the world’s most important education events and workshops. We are also able to acquire in-depth knowledge of schools, universities and education destinations by regularly visiting schools and attending familiarization trips organized by educators and independent associations.

We also bring 25+ years of senior management experience working for renowned international organizations across various industries. Our background enables us to bring you to the next level and where you want to go, exceeding expectations.

Strict selection and rigorous control of our partner language schools – we want the best for you!

Our education partners/providers and programs are handpicked. We select partner language schools according to strict criteria – accreditation, high-quality facilities, small class sizes at a range of levels, great location, first-class teaching and an exciting activities program, among other aspects. Our advisors and management regularly visit the partner schools to inspect their premises and accommodation facilities. We make sure you get the best quality schools and unique programs.

High quality adult language courses in top destinations worldwide with Verbalists
IALC is an international non-profit association that for close to 35 years has been accrediting independent language centers that teach the language of their country. When we inspect the IALC school members, we expect to find not only excellent teaching service, but also a genuine passion for language study abroad.

Helping you talk with the world

During the past 30 years we have built a wealth of knowledge about most things concerning languages, culture, business etiquette, translation and getting you talking with the world. We are a team of experts, a group of dedicated people who listen and who know the right questions to ask — formulating the right ideas so that you can achieve your language learning goals.

We know that simply offering a program is not enough; a strategy that works for one person might not be right for another. That’s why we offer free counseling service to our clients and students, which consists of:

Language Consultancy Phases by Verbalists Language Network

Our consultancy services will put shape to your communication skills aspirations, guiding you on the path towards your ultimate goal.

Whether you wish to challenge a higher level of the career ladder, pursue international networking or study abroad for further career development, the Verbalists Education & Language Network has the language program solution for you:

Corporate and Business Language Programs

Whether you’re starting out in business, or study abroad for further career development, or looking for extra qualifications to gain a promotion, the Verbalists Language Network will keep you focused on developing your career. We will help you choose the right language program or even develop a customized language learning solution for you or your company, which may include both – online courses and language study abroad.

Please see here more information about our Corporate Language Training, while here we present Language Audit.

Adult Language Courses

We offer language programs at attractive world locations. All lessons are taught in small groups and individual format, to enable you to get the most from the time spent with your teacher:

  • General Language (standard and intensive)
  • Examination Courses
  • Academic

Our advisors can also help you organize transportation, airport transfers, and your living arrangements, whether you choose home-stay accommodation, self-catering, residential, hotel or guesthouse.

My Language Experience

For those students who choose dynamic and contemporary approach to language learning, we have devised exciting and unique study travel packages – My Language Experience programs.

What makes them unique is the opportunity to bring the culture of the chosen location into the heart of the learning environment, thus turning language lessons into an unforgettable experience. Our programs efficiently blend school hours with sightseeing and cultural tours, which are a real life addition to the course book. They offer short time student an unbeatable specialized cultural learning experience.

We also understand that when you attend one of our partners’ courses abroad you don’t just want to improve your language skills – you want to have a great time too! This is why we prepare an extensive range of social activities and trips to make sure that you get the most out of your stay. In fact, by far the most popular language program for 15 years in a row has been My LONDON Program, which includes the guided sightseeing excursions in the morning, whereas afternoons are reserved for language study at the school.

My Language Experience programs welcome language and travel lovers age 16+.

Please contact us to enroll or find out more about My LONDON program, or to learn about other attractive destinations in our offer.

Family Programs

Reinvigorate your usual family holidays with a family language program offered in many exciting destinations such as Barcelona, Marbella, Nice, Biarritz, Tuscany, Venice, London, Oxford or sunny Malta.

Family language programs combine language tuition in multinational classes with a range of afternoon and evening activities – sports such as surfing, tennis and horse riding, sightseeing, beach picnics or disco nights. This structured program provides a stimulating and healthy environment for children, while parents may choose either to attend a language course and the adult social activities, or enjoy their free time. The accommodation can be arranged to suit every budget – from carefully selected host families, to self-catering apartments or local hotels.

IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge Exam Preparation

The Verbalists Language Network offers preparation courses for IELTS, TOEFL, and a Cambridge certificate at the most competitive rates.

Our international accreditation provides you with a guarantee of high quality service and education. Should you have any questions or would like to enroll in our preparation courses, please contact us

Teacher Training

If you are a practicing language teacher, or think you have an excellent knowledge of a foreign language and consider the option of becoming a teacher with an internationally recognized diploma, than Verbalists’ Teacher Training programs are the next step up on your career ladder.

Our programs are delivered by experienced and skilled teacher trainers in modern and media fluent language schools, with the latest resources and facilities. In the learner-centered environment all students will professionally grow, and after the completed course there is an option of finding work and further developing career with the worldwide network of employment opportunities.

Contact us and we will arrange for you a teacher training with the best schools.

Accreditation and Memberships

PRODIREKT and the Verbalists Education & Language Network are accredited by the leading language travel and higher education associations – English UK, Alphe UK, FEDELE Spain, FELTOM Malta, ICEF Germany, and many more. 

We are not just offering quality programs at reasonable prices – we’re offering an unforgettable learning experience.