The most delicious festival in the world, the Carnival of Venice 2015

The Carnival of Venice 2015

This year, the Venice Carnival (the Carnevale) will take place from January 31 – February 17. The Carnival of Venice 2015 will open with a triumph of flavours, exquisite tastes and the pleasures of good food, wine and conviviality: “The most delicious festival in the world!” under the artistic direction of Davide Rampello. It will offer a host of fine dishes from Venetian cuisine to the audience along the Rio in Cannaregio, including “sarde in soar” (sardines in a sweet and sour sauce),“bigoi in salsa” (bigoli pasta with onions and anchovies) and the sweet and fluffy fritters known as “fritole”.

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The Verbalists language network brings you the 2014 Venice Carnival video, dedicated to Venice lovers!

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The spectacular Venetian regatta – Regata Storica

This Sunday, Venice’s Grand Canal will be transported back to its glorious past at the Regata Storica, the main event in the annual “Voga alla Veneta” rowing calendar. 16th-Century-style boats carry local dignitaries along the Grand Canal surrounded by gondoliers in colourful period costumes, followed by four boat races.


Every first Sunday in September, the spectacular Regata Storica parades down the Grand Canal

Every first Sunday in September, the spectacular Regata Storica parades down the Grand Canal, the main waterway in Venice.  The Regata Storica is one of the great Italian traditions that has deep roots in Venice’s history.

This unique sport has been practised in the Venetian lagoon for thousands of years and today it is particularly well-known for the spectacular historical water pageant that precedes the race. An unforgettable sight and a true reconstruction of the glorious past of one of most the powerful and influential Maritime Republics in the Mediterranean. Check out our favourite photos of the water pageant.

The Venetian regatta has always consisted of various races with different kinds of boat (originally these included galleys, peatoni, and barges, as well as lighter boats rowed by two or more oarsmen). The historical water festival departs from Punta della Dogana, and includes several typical 16th century boats rowing down the Canal with the Doge, his wife, and dignitaries dressed in period costume. After the pageant and in keeping with the ancient Venice seafaring tradition, follows a series of regatta races divided into categories by age, gender and boat typology.  The last race is the speed race, campionissimi or great champioins’ on twin-oared gondolini, the most anticipated race and unique in the world.  To purchase tickets for this annual event, visit

The Good Old Days with Travolta and Olivia

…out of nostalgia for the good old days 🙂

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, Grease

Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta sing “You’re the One That I Want” at the 2002 Grease DVD Release Party.

Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta – You’re the One That I Want LIVE


Olivia Newton John & John Travolta – Summer Nights LIVE

Hey Brother and Really Cool Music

Ice Music, prior to start of the festival

Tim Linhart is the original ice artist who founded the Ice Music project in Lule, Sweden
Tim Linhart is the original ice artist who founded the Ice Music project in Lule, Sweden

Now that a deep freeze has settled over many parts of the world, some daring souls choose to revel in the frigid temperatures by engaging in activities that are only possible in a cold climate.

A band in Sweden called Ice Music celebrates “the winter spirit of Swedish Lapland” by using a new art form – where the musicians play on instruments made of ice. READ MORE

Experience Winter at its Best – in Vienna

Music, balls, coffee houses, cakes and culture come wrapped in a small but beautiful package during a Vienna city break in winter.

Perhaps I’m still saturated with pleasure and am feeling biased, but if you want to start the year fulfilling lofty resolutions by spending a few days surrounded by great art and architecture, dipping into coffee houses between museum trips and at night going to concerts or the ballet, I think Vienna can beat any of its art-city rivals. Particularly in winter,” Adriaane Pielou, Telegraph


Magic Touch of Stanley Jordan for Language Lovers (VIDEO)

Stanley Jordan with Verbalists

PRODIREKT, with its Verbalists Education & Language Network, partnered with the organizers of the leading jazz festival in Europe — Nisville.

Our cooperation started in 2011, when the organizers set up several performing stages within the walls of the enchanted Nis fortress in Serbia. The global language network Verbalists was entrusted with a unique privilege to provide a regional media coverage of that prestigious event which instantly became a great playground for the vibrant summer Festival spectacles ever since. Verbalists have had the opportunity to interview the famous jazzists and celebrities, such as, the saxophone player Hans and Candy Dulfer, swing band “Jive Aces”, jazz vocalist Maya Nova, trumpet player Tom Harell, and Stanley Jordan. READ MORE

A Magical Experience of the Camping Festival in China

Hundreds of colorful tents dot the side of Mount Wugongshan during the 2013 International Camping Festival in Jiangxi province, China, on September 14, 2013. Over 15,000 campers from around the world participated in the event. All four seasons could be viewed from the hillside, which was lauded as one of the most beautiful sights by visitors to China. READ MORE