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Language courses in Rome - La mia Roma, Verbalisti

Our long experience of working with students of all ages and coming from every corner of the world tells us that one of the main reasons for our students to enroll in language courses in Italy is to experience various aspects of that nation’s amazing culture (art, architecture, fashion, gastronomy, cinema, etc.). Verbalists’ program La mia ROMA is ideal for those who want to experience Italian life and culture but whose main objective is to improve their Italian. This program is both fun and educational!


Partner Verbalista skola italijanskog Dilit u Rimu
Italian schools in Rome: Dilit

Our partner, school Dilit (Divulgazione Lingua Italiana), established in 1974 and officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education, was one of the first language schools in Italy to teach Italian as a Foreign Language and has established itself as one of the most prestigious Italian Language Schools in Italy today.  It is situated in the center of Rome and conveniently placed for travel to every area of the city.

Dilit is an early member of the IH World Organization, now a network of over 150 language schools in more than 50 countries.

That school is also member of IALC (International Association of Language Centres).

Dilit is also an Examination center for the CELI examinations of Perugia University and for CILS examinations of Siena University. 

The school is well-known and appreciated in Italy and abroad for its Teacher Training Department accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education and for the publication of course books and other language teaching materials.

✅ As education and language experts, who have been professionally involved with language study for more than 25 years, we have found that simply offering a program is not enough. We at the Verbalists Language Network  strive to create the entertaining education content and travel experience that is fun-packed and different. We would be happy to advise you further on the following Italian language immersion courses.

Special Interest Programs with Dates & Prices

Italian language course in Rome, in front of the school Dilit, Verbalisti
Italian language course in Rome – Verbalists in front of Dilit School

Verbalists have prepared with Dilit a set of unique courses that will give you the opportunity to learn and improve Italian in a creative and stimulating way, while immersing in the Italian art and culture.

Courses Information: minimum age: 16, group size: 1-7

The course prices include accommodation in a single bedroom of a shared apartment that can host from 2 to 6 students (the bathroom and kitchen are in common), or a single bedroom in family stay. All accommodation has been carefully selected and is centrally located.

‼️ NOTE: All prices are given for single room, self catering, Standard Plus category.

Italian through Art & Culture
1. Discovering Rome – LA MIA ROMA
Discovering Rome, Italian language course, Verbalists
Italian language course in Rome – Discovering Rome

Price: €1,410 (course + accommodation)
Length: 2 weeks

A program that allows one to learn Italian whilst going out to discover the unequaled artistic and archaeological patrimony that only a city like Rome can offer. Students are offered the opportunity to improve their Italian whilst on a theoretical and practical journey through the history of Italian art.

The course consists of a series of lessons in class combined with guided visits where students will have the chance to try out what they learned in class. The course is open to all levels except beginners.

2. Italian through Architecture
Italian through Architecture, Italian language course, Verbalists
Language courses in Italy – Italian through Architecture

Price: €1,500 (course + accommodation)
Length: 2 weeks

The course analyses the artistic and architectural testimonies of the city which, more than any other in the world, is a veritable open-air museum: Rome. From 753 A.D. up until today: via walks and color slides, students learn about “visible” architecture (buildings, churches and parks)as well as “invisible” architecture, made up of priceless EMPTY urban places: the most beautiful squares in the world.

Dilit language school's students in front of Villa d'Este, Verbalists

We will trace the lives and works of the most important architects of the past and present who have left indelible marks on the lives of the Roman people; we will talk about ancient history, medieval history, the Renaissance, the Baroque period and the contemporary period.

The various architectural styles will be compared and each student, using the tools they prefer, will choose a monument, an area, a church, or a building to produce a little Photographic and Theoretical Research about it; at the end of the course this will be discussed in class.

The course is for students from level B1 up and there are 3 lessons a day from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks.

3. Italian through Photography
Italian through photography, Italian language course, Verbalists
Language courses in Italy – Italian through Photography

Price: €1,600 (course + accommodation)
Length: 2 weeks

Has the advent of digital photography really improved the quality of photography now that anyone can take photographs? The ease with which one can take photos has wiped out the dividing line which up until the nineties separated artists from ordinary people.

Language course Italian through photography, Rome, Verbalisti

On this program you will learn about techniques for photography on film and techniques for digital photography; we will try to understand the value of an image and what it tells us; we will analyze the contents of some of the best-known photos in the world.

After the first week of study and theoretical examination of all sorts of techniques, the students (in groups or individually) choose a topic (fashion, art, society, animals, journalism, etc.) to examine, first of all by analysis, on-site observations and rough drafts and then by the creation of a veritable “Photo Report Book” based on the city of Rome.

The course is for students from level B1 upwards and is made up of 3 lessons a day from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks.

✅  The photographic apparatus and materials are supplied by the school.

4. Italian through Cooking
Italian through Cooking, Italian language course, Verbalists
Language courses in Italy – Italian through Cooking

Price: €1,600 (course + accommodation)
Length: 2 weeks

Everybody likes Italian cooking – it’s famous all over the world. Why is this? What are the secrets? Or rather what are the secrets of Italian home-cooking which is the very basis of all Italian cooking?

Italian Home Cooking, Verbalisti

The course caters for all those students who intend attending a training course for chefs or a course of specialization in Italian Cuisine, and who need adequate language preparation. This Italian course is also recommended for those students who – whatever their job or occupation may be – want to get to know better this fascinating aspect of Italian culture.

The Theoretical Component. The aim of the course is to improve general knowledge of the language, with particular attention to listening and oral production skills and the acquisition of the vocabulary essential in the field of gastronomy and Italian cuisine. Understanding written Italian is also developed in order to help students understand texts dealing with this subject.

The Practical Component. Two sessions a week are practical lessons under the guidance of an expert chef at an important Cookery School. During these lessons the participants themselves prepare some typical Italian dishes.

A part of this Italian course is dedicated to getting to know Italian wines and matching them to different dishes. Trips outside the school are also organized to visit food markets, wine shops, etc.

Special Courses
1. Business Italian
Business language courses in Rome, Verbalists
Language courses in Italy – Business Italian

Price: €1,520 (course + accommodation)
Length: 2 weeks

This course caters for people who need to use Italian at work. The objective is to develop effective communication skills at work and in business, both spoken and written.

During the course, tailor-made to the specific needs of the participants, the grammar and vocabulary typical of commercial Italian – telephone conversations, company presentations, negotiations and sales, business meetings, formal letters, reports, emails and faxes – will be practiced and analyzed.

The Business Italian course is pitched at level B1 and is made up of 3 lessons a day from Monday to Friday and lasts 2 weeks.

2. Italian for Law
Italian for Law Course in Rome, Verbalists
Italian language course in Rome – Italian for Law

Price: €1,520 (course + accommodation)
Length: 2 weeks

This course aims to stimulate active learning of some of the basic notions of the Italian judiciary system. The main fields dealt with are civil law, penal law and constitutional law.
The dynamic and active dimension of the course expresses itself in constant research-and-discovery activities on the part of the students, who are considered active central agents in the construction of what they learn, rather than passive listeners. Each activity proposed in class is a stimulating challenge towards the acquisition of ever more complex parts of legal language. The teacher has a dialogic role with the students, at their disposal for solving doubts, clarifying and giving confirmation of their hypotheses.

3. Rome for 50+
Italian language program 50+ in Rome, Verbalists
Italian language course in Rome – Rome for 50+

Price: €1,610 (course + accommodation)
Length: 2 weeks – 20 lessons/wk (a.m.) + cultural activities (p.m.)
Starting dates: 2 March, 05 June, 11 September

Italian language learning for seniors, Verbalists

This program is a mixture of language, art, culture and the pleasure of spending time together to share and improve your knowledge of those aspects of Rome that make this city so unforgettable.

Apart from 40 lessons of language learning in the morning in classes of mixed ages at the appropriate level, the program includes the following activities:

  • Half-day trip to places of great interest around Rome
  • Half-day trip to the Castelli Romani area including visiting a wine cellar, winetasting and dinner
  • A cooking lesson and dinner
  • 2 guided trips around Rome
  • 2 seminars on the History of Art
  • Full-day excursion in private coach

General Italian Courses with Dates & Prices

General Italian courses are designed to provide the opportunity to attend top quality language classes, while enjoying all that the fascinating city of Rome has to offer.

Whether you are an absolute beginner, or a fluent speaker, Verbalists can find you a course which reflects your personal needs. All the Italian courses at Dilit are based on the communicative method, giving you the opportunity to practice your spoken Italian, develop your comprehension of the language, extend your use of vocabulary and enhance your understanding of grammatical structure.

Each course is in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (A1 – beginners to C1 advanced).

All levels are available, from absolute beginners to advanced. A lesson hour lasts 45 minutes. Minimum age: 16

On arrival, students are tested and placed in classes according to their level and their particular needs.

Prices and Dates for General Italian Courses

Starting dates for absolute beginners: every 2 weeks
Starting date for all other students: any Monday

Prices: Italian Language Course in Rome + Accommodation

Pricelist for Italian language courses in Rome, Verbalists Education
Prices in EUR for Language Courses in Italy – ROME (click on photo to enlarge)

‼️ The above price list applies only for General Courses and includes the cost of accommodation. Prices are given in euros. Click on the photo/price list to enlarge it.


All accommodation has been carefully selected and is regularly monitored by the school staff. It is all centrally located and the school can easily be reached in approx. 30 minutes by public transport.

You can choose from one of the following possibilities:

  • Host family – single or double room – self catering
  • Shared flat – single or double room – self catering

Host Family – Students live with local residents. Your host family can be a “traditional” one, a single parent, an elderly person or a single. In selecting host families, our priority is that the host enjoys the company of foreign students. Host families can host from 1 to 4 students: the kitchen and bathroom are shared.

Shared Flat – Students share the flat with other students from the school. Our shared flats can host from 2 to 6 students. The bathroom and kitchen are shared.

Categories: Host Families and Shared Flats are classified into two categories: Standard and Standard Plus. Those who wish a higher level of comfort should choose Standard Plus.

Accommodation is available from the Sunday prior to the beginning of the course up to the Saturday following the end of the course. An extra night at the beginning or the end of your stay can be arranged.

Bed & Breakfast, hotel accommodation and independent flats can also be arranged.

Application process

Please note that filling out the PRODIREKT Application Form and Terms & Conditions does not secure a place on the program, nor does it mean you are under obligation that your child attends the course you are inquiring about. It is simply the first step in the application process, so that we can give you precise program details and check program/accommodation availability. A contract is signed directly with the school, and a place is confirmed after a deposit or the whole course fee is settled. Please fill out and sign:

The Verbalists Language Network is part of the PRODIREKT Education Group, which is a certified representative and partner of prestigious schools and colleges in world renowned university centers.  

✅  When you enroll for foreign language study abroad with the Verbalists you are not only getting the expert advice, guidance and dependability of an accredited organization and a world-leading language network, but you also enjoy special privileges, such as:

  • Expert and impartial advice, backed by 25+ years of experience
  • scholarships offered only to PRODIREKT/Verbalists students and our International Ambassadors;
  • special discounts – you often pay less than what a school charges for the same program;
  • enrollment advantages – faster processing, lower or no deposits, no charge when you change your booking;
  • priority in reserving your residential or homestay accommodation;
  • less strict cancellation policy;
  • free visa application assistance;
  • travel and airport transfer arrangements;
  • in case of many young learner programs and summer schools, guidance and care of our staff and experienced group leaders during the duration of a program.
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